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We’re sure many of you are already familiar with Hakoom, the insane Trophy hunter who’s earned more Platinum gongs than you’ve had hot dinners. Hakam Karim now holds the Guinness World record for the most silver-blue gongs in the world – a whopping 1,691. This was verified on 19th September, and he’s added 28 to his total since then.

Some other stats on Hakoom: he earns an average of 18.71 Trophies per day; he’s fully completed roughly 91 per cent of the 2,524 games that he’s played; he earned an eye-watering 1,154 Trophies in September 2018 alone; his overall total Trophy tally is 70,198 and he’s at Level 246. According to PSN Profiles, his most difficult Platinum is Fight Night Round 4, which was earned by 0.1 per cent of players.