Call of Duty: WWII is not technically out until 3rd November, but as is the case with practically every major release, some fans have already got their hands on the game. However, according to Charlie Intel, Activision has rendered the release unplayable until launch – you can’t even access the single player campaign.

While the publisher’s been swiftly removing video proof of this, it seems like you’ll need to download a patch in order to “unlock” the Blu-ray. This is unprecedented as far as we’re aware, because usually you’re able to at least access the single player portion of a game if you stumble upon a copy prior to release.

We’re sure that people will have their pitchforks out here, but we can kinda see things from Activision’s point of view: the game’s not out for almost a week and that’s plenty of time for spoilers to filter out. Still, does this mean that you’ll be required to connect to the Internet in order to play the title after launch, too?