Don't you just love it when you're casually catching up on E3 videos and stumble across a gem of a quote from an industry figure? We sure do, and this one comes from Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere. When asked by Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida when Detroit: Become Human is coming out, the smartly dressed exec replies: "It's coming out when it's finished thanks to Shuhei!" He continues: "We have the luxury of polishing our games at PlayStation."

Obviously it's common knowledge that Sony as a publisher isn't in the business of squeezing out horribly unfinished titles, but it's nice to hear a comment like this come from the head of a studio. We feel like there's a definite conversation to be had about whether Sony's first party studios are actually the strongest that they've ever been - and that's partly going to come down to how supportive the Japanese giant is of their work.

Anyway, you can watch Shu walk about the E3 2017 show floor in the video that we've embedded above.