iceland fifa 17.jpg

If you kept up with this summer's Euro tournament, you'll know that Iceland did incredibly well for a team made up of relative nobodies from a very sparsely populated country. One of the lowest ranked sides in the tournament, Iceland made it all the way to the quarterfinals - and they even knocked out England to get there.

Naturally, the underdog team stole a lot of hearts, but despite their sudden popularity, Iceland won't be featured among the international teams in upcoming footy sim FIFA 17. According to Iceland's football association president Geir Thorsteinsson, this is because publisher EA didn't offer enough money for the rights to use Iceland in the game.

EA apparently offered around $15,000 for the rights, but Thorsteinsson compares the amount to "almost free". A counteroffer was made asking for a larger sum, but the publisher supposedly didn't respond.

What's more, GameSpot points out that a Tweet confirming the team's 'Viking Clap' celebration would be in the game has since been deleted. We guess that's not going to be a feature on the back of the box, then.

What do you make of this? Were you looking forward to playing as Iceland? Don't you dare start that clap in the comments section below.