'What do you actually do in No Man's Sky?' is still a question that we get asked far too often. Despite the sci-fi adventure-'em-up appearing at just about every big Sony-related press conference for what's seemed like an eternity, many of you are still unsure as to what the game is actually about.

Fortunately, you may finally have the answers that you seek thanks to IGN's first look at the release. The 18 minute video is pure gameplay, and by watching it, you'll soon come to realise that No Man's Sky is all about you. You can go ahead and do just about anything that you want; explore galaxies, find new life, name planets, build new ships, shoot some aliens, engage in space combat - it's entirely up to you.

As such, this is going to be a title where you make your own adventures. Very little's laid out for you, so you're left to your own devices as you discover your destiny in the vastness of the universe. Or something. Look, just watch the video, and then tell us what you think of it in the comments section below.