Tekken 7 is still some way away from being released on the PlayStation 4, but Bandai Namco is currently location testing the arcade version around Japan. This pre-release strategy is often employed in the East, as a means for publishers to market their upcoming titles – and also get important feedback on balancing issues and more general bugs.

And in order to celebrate this soft launch, the company has deployed a special website showing off some of the customisation items that players will be able to acquire in the demo. Many of these – like fairy wings and sunglasses – are franchise mainstays, but we’ve always liked the more unusual options.

As such, we’re particularly fond of Paul Phoenix’s extra long hair, which puts even Beavis and Butthead to shame. How many cans of hair spray do you reckon that he used to get his quiff to stick up like that? We’re not sure, but we’re confident that the ozone layer probably suffered at some point. Who cares about the environment when you can look this good, huh?

[via loc.tekken-net.jp, siliconera.com]