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Sony: PS4 Is the Best Place to Play for Innovative Intellectual Property and Sports

Posted by Sammy Barker

Platform holder reacts to strong NPD performance

Ever since the dark days of the PlayStation 3, platform holder Sony has refrained from commenting too much on the monthly NPD sales reports for the United States. Indeed, May saw the PlayStation 4 secure a fifth consecutive spell at the top of the hardware sales charts, but the Japanese giant pointed to the strong performance of the software on its system instead.

“PlayStation continues to be the best place to play for innovative intellectual property, as PS4 was the preferred platform for May’s biggest releases, including Watch Dogs and Wolfenstein: The New Order, and held four of the top five spots for next-gen software sales,” beamed marketing guru Guy Longworth in a press release deployed directly following last night’s results. “PS4 is the leading next-gen platform for sports, highlighted in May by the best-selling sports game, MLB 14 The Show.”

The exclusive baseball title’s performance must have the organisation licking its lips, as, while it’s always been a strong seller, it was really propelled by the popularity of its new next-gen machine. With inFAMOUS: Second Son also getting off to an impressive start, we reckon that the manufacturer will be itching to get some of its biggest brands on the box, such as Gran Turismo and God of War.


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Sanquine said:

Arrogance much? Sony should get their head out of their *ss. Nintendo and Microsoft both had a much better E3.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

@Sanquine Oh no the return of the PS3 era already? Who is this year's crazy Ken? Where is that successor to the $599 dollars parody video?

No company had anything megaton special this year, good but not spectacular. So Gamescom & TGS will hold their own announcements. Although Sony isn't particularly wrong in this regard, the figures speak for themselves.



naruball said:

I fail to see any arrogance. Is there a quote that is missing? Cause everything mentioned here is absolutely fine.

As for who had the better E3. Depends on the games you like. I much preferred Sony's over MS' and NInty's.



Demi_God said:

@Sanquine Sour grapes, that's all. It's pretty clear you are anti-Sony in this regard to your comment. nothing more then sour grapes. eeeeesh! and you didn't even try to hide it. o.O



Cloud7794 said:

@Sanquine As others said, it doesn't seem too arrogant really. As for who had a better E3 among the three, it's subjective but I liked Sony's better mainly for the 2 exclusive games I'm most looking forward to making an appearance (LBP 3 and BloodBorne).

Granted, who had a "better E3" isn't even a very good point to fight for, as most of the games I crave get announced/showed off at Gamescom and TGS, and E3 seems to have become more of an appetizer for Sony.

What aren't you happy with in particular though?



Sanquine said:

@Cloud7794 Well, for instance they have 12 first party studios... Why are they saving ammunition if they could destroy Microsoft and Nintendo...

Maybe they wait for Gamescom and Tokyo gameshow?



hamispink said:

@Sanquine I think they are holding back because the PS4 is selling incredibly well. Announcing more first party games will drive console sales, but when console sales are as good as they have been there's no reason.

It also has the added benefit of avoiding a Last Guardian-esque early announcement. Though I must admit that they can't rest on their laurals for too much longer with Microsoft playing all of its cards correctly as of late.



Demi_God said:

@Sanquine That's what I hear, mainly from you, but that's what I hear. o.O There really isn't any point to be disappointed with a company's E3 while Praising others that were clearly underwhelming. Also, your previous comment says otherwise. sour grapes man, keep eating those. There was nothing wrong with Sony's E3 other then Shawn Layden putting people to sleep.



Gamer83 said:

I don't know about the first part of the statement, but considering PS4 gets all the multiplat sports games and Sony is the only publisher putting out MLB games these days (great ones to boot) it has sports on lock for now, that's not an arrogant statement at all because it can be backed up. I do agree with @Sanquine that there should've been more at E3, but while I really enjoyed it, it's clear looking around the web, neither Sony or MS blew anybody away. I think MS did a great job showing a lot of good content and that conference didn't have any down time, where as Layden was literally talking people to sleep at Sony's but I feel like both companies could've maybe shown a little more. MS got the edge for me simply because I can't really get into From Software's games (though Bloodborne looks cool) and I think The Order seems like complete trash, where as Sunset Overdrive and Crackdown actually have me interested and Scalebound is a game that I'm more likely to play than something like Bloodborne. It's clear on both consoles right now though, the best games are multiplats coming from the third parties with MGS V: The Phantom Pain at the top of the list.

Obviously you don't want to play all your cards at once, but I don't think anybody is asking Sony to do that. A little more than Uncharted or The Order is what people are asking for. They did announce a Ratchet & Clank remake or reboot or whatever want to call it, which if done right could be cool but nothing was shown. Let it Die is another F2P, and while Suda releases some great games he also releases some duds so that's up in the air. Bloodborne was cool, LBP 3 was cool but nothing spectacular, but it didn't have to be given that MS' conference was also very good, but not spectacular (though it did convince me there's going to be enough to justify getting an X1). Gamescom will be interesting, Quantum Break will probably be there so I'm interested to see if Sony counters with something, either a new God of War or maybe a new IP from Quantic Dream.



ThreadShadow said:

I'm not convinced, and E3 did nothing for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not buying an xBone. After the 360 I'm done with MS. It's just I have no solid plans to get a PS4, and E3 did nothing to solidify those plans.



Demi_God said:

You can agree with him all you want, but for people that think that huge WOW factor is going to hit, it's not nor will it ever hit during the first year of any console, it didn't even hit Microsoft conference. For you to like MS's E3 showing is clearly in the fact that you do favor MS more than Sony, that's fine. For me, I favor Sony over MS, but to say MS had a better showing is pretty average at best along with Sony and Nintendo, and that would be coming from a none biased standpoint. For a biased standpoint I would say Sony had a slightly better showing.

To really break it down, this years E3 will easily be forgotten for all companies, Sony, MS, and Nintendo. Even the Battlefield game sucks. o.O ugh. At least we are getting some 3rd party games this year that are good, other then that, this year is pretty damn meh, for everything including PC.



Gamer83 said:


And that would be a false assumption on your part, if I favored MS, I would've coughed up the extra $100 and gone with X1. But whatever, I just like games, MS showed off more that I'm interested in at E3, simple as that. Sony, however, has the first party studios I like the most, just waiting for more of them besides Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and Ready at Dawn to show us what they're working on.

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