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Having Problems with Your PS4 Controller's Analogue Sticks? These Aluminium Alternatives Should Help

Posted by Sammy Barker

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There’s no denying that the PlayStation 4 controller is an enormous step forward from its predecessor, but early reports did complain about a defect in the DualShock 4’s analogue sticks. While we haven’t encountered the issue ourselves here at Push Square towers, a not insignificant number of early adopters have reported that, after use, their thumbsticks would tear and break.

While platform holder Sony hasn’t commented on the issue, one intrepid Amazon marketplace seller has happened upon a novel solution: aluminium metal joysticks. You can pick these up for $12.99 alongside four similarly styled buttons, and easily install them yourselves. There’s even a gold set – not solid, obviously – if you’re feeling a little more bling.

Alright, it’s not exactly an excuse for the shoddy build quality of some DualShock 4s, but as the seller points out, these are much more durable than plastic sticks. As such, if you’re the sort of person that sits around clicking L3 all day in Call of Duty: Ghosts, you may want to consider giving your peripheral a Terminator-esque upgrade.


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scottishgiforce said:

I have to admit the thumb sticks have started to wear away the grained texture where your thumb would rest and sometimes my thumb slips occassionall

I hope that's not a sign of things to come!



Jcp83 said:

The rubber on my left stick perished after about 3 weeks!



BertoFlyingFox said:

Wow that sucks. I dont think I've played my PS4 enough for any of the analog sticks to degrade yet....then again, maybe I just got a well-made DS4 out of pure luck.



Dannyboy1996 said:

I had problems with my thumbsticks on both my controllers but if you call up Sony they replace it for free and I got them back the same week I called them.both was replaced with brand new controllers.



Paranoimia said:

You'd have to buy some rubber caps for those, surely... some people thought the PS3 sticks were slippery... these would be a nightmare.



charlesnarles said:

But metal is harder than plastic... so wouldn't it be at least equally rough on the sockets' rims? Overcompensating yourself into owning another broken controller doesn't sound like a solution. Honestly, I prefer the ds4 with a silicone grip cover thing even if it didn't save my sticks from said abuse, which it has. The only wear and tear I've had is the underside of the stick tops rubbing on the silicone on the socket, but it's weaker than the sticks' grips and won't harm them



Carl-G said:

I hope SONY fix this problem. My original DS4 pad left stick broke(it started to peel then it came apart sort of) and i changed it last month and the newer one has peeled just a little bit to so not sure if that will break as well soon + i treat my controllers well to and don't have erm long nails + i never had any problems with the DS3 pad and they lasted forever for me so i can't be my fault. Oh well.



ReigningSemtex said:

The sticks do seem like shoddy build quality and the rims are already getting worn and I have barely played it so far. I can tell that the last of us will be the last of my current ds4



Kirk64 said:

I haven't yet had a problem with any of my analog sticks, but I might buy these anyway. I've been hearing a lot about the shoddy quality, and I don't want to be buying another DS4 for any reason, really.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Mine wore away within a couple of months I believe, it was so long ago I don't recall. My second controller was second hand and already degraded, hence the £25 price tag, still a bargain. I'll wait for this new professional ds4 to come out.



Demi_God said:

Mine haven't wore like others have and I've been playing the hell out of my PS4. I am wondering if some people are eating while playing in which any other type of residue can cause problems on a controller. I never eat while playing so I have no greasy fingers or anything like that. Both of my controllers are fine.



Shellybird27 said:

Mine are fine, but like someone above said don't eat while playing. Well, one of my D4's the R2 button kind of sticks, so its annoying to use. But that's my fault, not Sony's. Which too many people like to point the blame at.



Chouzetsu said:

I use these little rubber analog stick covers...
They work like a charm. There are many different brands but I use "Geltabz"



BlueProxy said:

As soon as I heard about the rubber wearing off quickly, I purchased a set of rubber covers online for about $3. Better grump, since they have little bumps all over, and no issues with wear on the original.



rastamadeus said:

If my pad breaks I'll go stuck it up the backside of a Sony employee. No way in Hell am I paying £55 for a second pad.



Ps4all said:

Trials evolution killed my left thumb stick. Violently moving it back and forth to try to pass some of those levels definitely took its toll. I really like the look of those aluminum sticks though, and 12.99 isn't bad for a cool looking upgrade.



thedevilsjester said:

I don't know what people do with their DS4's but I have played my PS4 quite a bit and my DS4's are in pristine condition. (And contrary to some posts here, I eat while playing all the time). Maybe there was a bad batch?

As far as this mod goes, the sticks look nice but the buttons look terrible, no sale.



bengtcb said:

The rubber has peeled off mine as it did on the first ds3 pads that came with the first ps3, did think Sony would have learnt from past mistakes



DaMasta916 said:

For those having these problems. From my experience its because fingernails are too long, and when you play games like FIFA, which require you to hold the stick in a direction for longer periods of time with differing levels of intensity, your pads will get messed up. (never had problems with the pads until i bought fifa, and played with long fingernailed friends)



luketerry said:

@scottishgiforce it is a sign! get some grips asap!
i use Grip its and they are great with protection and adding that extra grip. got mine from highly recommended!

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