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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Moonwalks onto PS3 on 14th October

Posted by Sammy Barker

Next-gen not in on the joke

Assuming that you’re a fan of Borderlands’ particular brand of goofy humour, then you’ll no doubt get a kick out of this Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel pre-E3 trailer. In addition to showing off some of the spin-off’s low-gravity gameplay, it also includes a dance breakdown, and confirmation of the PlayStation 3 title’s 14th October release date.

That’s the same slot that Batman: Arkham Knight was originally set to occupy, so we bet that the head honchos at 2K Games are breathing a big sigh of relief right now. Alas, it’ll still need to go up against next-gen heavy hitters like Alien: Isolation and Dragon Age Inquisition. As such, this game’s certainly going to need a lot of Michael Jackson memes to get any real attention.


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get2sammyb said:

Hahaha, it's so funny, because they're on the moon, and then they all start dancing, and...




thedevilsjester said:

I really hope they wisen up and release it for the PS4 as well, even if its 6 months later. Like many people, I no longer buy or play titles on my last generation console, as a fan of Borderlands, it will make me sad to miss this one.



get2sammyb said:

@thedevilsjester You're not alone. I'm still enjoying my PS3, but it's very much become a 'backlog' machine now - I'm buying everything new on PS4. Looking at the splits for Watch Dogs, I think they're going to have a big shock when this bombs.



Splat said:

I got the other two off PS+. Let's make it all 3 Sony...

Not day one obviously but I can wait.



rastamadeus said:

@thedevilsjester No chance of a PS4 release and it shouldn't anyway. The first Borderlands on current gen machines should be one made by Gearbox, not an expanded DLC pack that used the Borderlands 2 engine.



JaxonH said:

This is one pill that's seriously hard to swallow.

I really, REALLY want to play this game, but it's not coming to PS4.



JaxonH said:


I have it. The game itself is superb. Never better, total must-buy. The transition to Vita, however, isn't up to scratch. The considerable framerate issues can be forgiven, but the controls are just, well, a serious pain. Left and right touchpad substitutes for L2/R2, while left and right touch screen substitutes for L3/R3. I'm always accidentally making contact with the pad and screen (just the slightest contact is all it takes), and it's awkward having to purposely extend your fingers as to not touch the rear pad, then tapping every time you want to run or melee. The analogues are also placed too close to the OLED, so my thumbs will occasionally make ever so slight contact with the border edge of the screen, resulting in an accidental grenade throw, which usually kills myself in a confined space. It's a pain.

But, even with all those problems, it's such a great game that it's still worth owning. I'm definitely having fun with it, and a lot of the problems can be minimized with enough practice. Still, if you have a PS3 and can buy the home console version, then you should avoid the Vita version like the plague.

That's my review anyways.



danny2kd said:

@JaxonH I thought you could customise the controls? Thanks tho I do have it but it's confiscated until father's day haha, if you can change the controls I think iv thought up the perfect layout



JaxonH said:


You can switch buttons all you want, but problem is you need all of them so no matter how you slice the pie, one way or another there's four different commands that will have to occupy the left/right rear touchpad and left/right touch screen. The default is actually about as good as it gets though. I tried to put less used commands on the touchpad/screen, but then the run button would be on triangle or something stupid like that, so in the end I just left it how it was.



danny2kd said:

@JaxonH so my set up may be naff lol well I'll run it by you.
rear left touchpad= crouch
rear right touchpad= grenades
left touchscreen= special ability
right touchscreen= melee
circle= run



Midzark said:

I'm sad 😪😔 to say I shall miss this as being a PS4 owner now! Even more sad 😪😔 to say I hope this fails, so they are pushed to bring it to next Gen 😁



banacheck said:

Thay are mad not making it cross-gen game, still have my PS3 but I've got a back catalog & buying everything now really for the PS4.



NorrinRadd said:


If you think this is going to fail your deluded. This game is going to sell tons - on all the platforms it is released for. I don't see it EVER being ported to new gen - unless it comes with the first two as well in some sort of re-master package. As of February 2013, BL2 had sold over 8.5 million copies and is 2K's best selling game EVER. I don't think the franchise will be harmed by shooting for an install base containing 160+ million consoles and who knows how many PCs instead of an install of what - 13 million consoles (maybe 20 by October being very generous)? Borderlands has a very strong and ardent community - I'm betting that TPS is going to sell millions and millions.

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