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Uncharted PS4 Star Todd Stashwick Teams Up with Amy Hennig on Star Wars Title

Posted by Sammy Barker

Unstoppable force

In a head scratching turn of events, Uncharted PS4 actor Todd Stashwick has joined ex-Naughty Dog employee Amy Hennig at Visceral Games in order to co-write the Dead Space developer’s upcoming Star Wars title. The actor – who is perhaps best known for playing Ash Murphy in Justified and Dale Malloy in The Riches – most recently starred as an as of yet unnamed character in Nathan Drake’s inaugural next-gen escapade.

Hennig ended her ten year tenure at Sony last month, and was quickly approached by EA Games to helm its upcoming sci-fi title. Earlier in the week, the luminary Tweeted a picture of herself sharing a breakfast meeting with Stashwick, as well as voice actor Nolan North and Lost star Dominic Monaghan. You can bet that George Lucas’ seminal series was probably on the menu at some point or other. Uncharted in space, anyone?


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charlesnarles said:

So it'll look/play like U, and not so much TLOU/DS, I assume. A SW survival horror would be cool for kids (like how the Galaxy of Fear books were essentially SW Goosebumps) but the evil in SW is much more real and sinister in that it's all somebody's manipulative plan as opposed to a mindless alien/zombie attack. I hope it's more like Rebel Assault or Dark Forces than Uncharted, that's all. P.S. Please reboot RA and DF!!!!!!



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Despite the talent I'm not sure this is going to be the star wars title I want to play, I'm sure it will still end up selling well. I just wish someone would see sense and resurrect 1313.



Gamer83 said:

Not really sure what's so 'head scratching' about this. Despite the hardcore 'Sony can do no wrong' fanbase trying to downplay what she meant to Naughty Dog over the last couple months, Amy Hennig remains one of the great talents in this industry, period. I'm guessing Todd Stashwick enjoyed working with her and wanted to continue to do so. Nothing head scratching.

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