After its colossal success in Japanese arcades, partner-based super mech battle simulator Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Full Boost landed onto the PlayStation 3 earlier this year in its native country, and it hasn't taken long for this trailer of the updated Maxi Boost version of the game to blast its way online. Currently set to release in arcades in March, there's little doubt that this improved edition will jet onto Sony's platform in the future.

Consequently, Bandai Namco has saw fit to release what is possibly the flashiest trailer that we've ever seen. It may be just under two minutes long, but this explosive video has more Gundam, beam weapons, and space combat than most normal people can handle. Unfortunately, for all its brilliance, this latest mobile suit brawler probably won't ever see a Western release despite its immense success in its home nation. If you're keen to learn more about the incredibly comprehensive smash-'em-up, feel free to take a tour through the title's colourful website. Are you thinking of importing? Use your Newtype intuition in the comments section below.