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At Last, the PS4 Is Finally Set to Get a Tower Defence Game

Posted by Sammy Barker

None shall pass

No console is complete without a tower defence title to keep you occupied between big blockbusters, and the PlayStation 4 is set to receive a corker in the form of Anomaly 2. A sequel to Anomaly: Warzone Earth, the title repurposes the offensive format of its predecessor, while also introducing a “dynamic” multiplayer mode which sees you battling against fellow fortification aficionados.

The release is due out in the Spring on Sony’s new super machine, and will also include a brand new single player campaign with multiple endings depending on your approach throughout the adventure. There’s a trailer embedded in the space below. Are you already trying to predict the path of your foes? Draw up some tactics in the comments section.


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Reverend_Skeeve said:

OMG, I love tower defense games! I pumped countless hours into Defense Grid...I'm definitely gonna check this one out! *giggle



Ginkgo said:

Not my favorite genre, but as something different, it looks like it could be good.



Shaolin said:

I'll be honest, I tend to play tower defence games on my phone and tablet. But hey, more games and more choice equals more fun for more people

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