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Painkiller Developer Aims to Get Even in 2015 on PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Revenge is a dish best served cold

With the festive turkey long finished, it seems that game developers have caught the announcement bug. Hot on the heels of the Alien: Isolation and Evolve reveals, the Polish studio behind Painkiller has announced Get Even for the PlayStation 4. The title – like many other next-gen releases – is said to blur the lines between single player and multiplayer, and boast “photorealistic graphics”. It doesn’t look like a particularly appealing place, but we must admit that the graffiti-ridden setting glimpsed in the trailer could pass for a real location.

Apparently, the plot is focused on the memories of the game’s protagonists, and the choices that you make throughout the title will adapt each character’s personality. “When players embark on a single player mission, others on the network can join the quest as enemies, so players never know whether their opponents are human or CPU-based,” the developer explained. “This suspense further heightens the player's feeling of a threat.” It’s a concept that we’ve seen before in titles such as Mindjack, but it’s yet to really be executed well.

In addition to taking inspiration from the abovementioned Square Enix shooter, developer The Farm 51 has also clearly been watching Angelina Jolie movie Wanted, as the game will allow you to fire bullets around corners. You’ll be able to link your firearms with a smartphone, allowing you to see behind objects and take out enemies with a well-placed shot. It definitely sounds interesting, but we suppose that we’ll have to wait for some gameplay footage before we can truly be sure that the independent project is on target. The team’s touting a 2015 release date, so expect to see more later this year.


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drumsandperc92 said:

that can't be real-time footage. until they did a close up of the dead soldiers, it didn't even look like a video game at all. looked way too real, including the soldiers moving through the scene. and this is coming from someone who has been playing games since the early 90s, I'm not easily fooled...



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Obviously video with graphics layered on top. A few frames where we pass through the hole in the wall look real. That's it. I smell bull fish.



get2sammyb said:

@drumsandperc92 @RyoHazuki Here's what the developer says: "To create the photo-realistic visuals that bring the universe to life, Get Even is the first game to use large-scale, real-world scanning to create expansive and lifelike environments. This 3D scanning technology combines with advanced lighting effects to create believable world you never seen before in games."



TosserHan said:

If this is real in game graphics, it will give PC gamers a run for their money.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@get2sammyb Night Trap? Ha ha. But yeah, that's kind of what I thought it was. Flat surfaces do like look more realistic but does this also work for say rain or moving trees etc? If it can then this is pretty amazing.

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