We’re truly living in the future. Sony announced its new PlayStation Now cloud streaming service to much acclaim overnight – but while the pitch sounded intriguing, you may be wondering whether it actually works. The answer appears to be a resounding ‘Yes’, as the below video clip shows someone playing Naughty Dog’s survival horror opus – and our Game of the Year winner – The Last of Us on a Bravia television.

Just to clarify: there are no consoles or set-top boxes attached to this panel’s HDMI port. Instead, the display is simply streaming data from one of Sony’s nifty Gaikai servers, and sending inputs from a connected DualShock 3 controller back to the supercharged box. The low-quality camcorder footage makes it hard to identify any issues, but it still looks like a playable version of Joel and Ellie’s cross-country escapade to us. That alone is magic.

[via youtube.com, dualshockers.com]