Have you braved your way to the top of Journey’s beautiful mountain recently? If so, there’s a good chance that you may have encountered another intrepid adventurer playing the thatgamecompany exclusive via Sony’s just announced cloud streaming service PlayStation Now. That's because the platform holder has revealed that it’s been using the critically acclaimed digital download to quietly test the on-demand technology.

The tidbit comes courtesy of Destructoid chief Dale North, who rushed straight to the Japanese giant’s CES booth in order to get an early glimpse at the firm’s latest innovation. “What's neat is that multiplayer works between proper console games and cloud games,” wrote the impressed editor. “I learned that Sony was testing Journey with console players with them having no idea that they were paired with cloud players.”

As for the technology itself, apparently the demo on display works like a dream. “It took me several minutes to wrap my head around the fact that I was playing a perfect copy of The Last of Us on the Vita,” North continued. “It was exactly like a Remote Play experience, complete with triggers being mapped to the rear pad. Gameplay was very responsive and completely lag free. Sony told us that a Gaikai server from down the hall was running the game.” Who’s impressed, then?