If the PlayStation 4 has yet to impress you from a visual perspective, then you may want to sit tight until Massive Entertainment’s tactical third-person shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division deploys next year. Developed using a brand new engine named Snowdrop, the upcoming release aims to introduce you to a world built specifically for next generation consoles.

It’s hard to deny that it looks impressive, too. The footage embedded below showcases the title’s volumetric lighting, particle systems, and day-and-night cycle. One particularly remarkable asset demonstrates how the change in temperature causes snow to melt, resulting in some realistic looking sludge capable of reflecting car headlights.

We can’t help but feel a smidgen sceptical, though. Ubisoft is known for using supercharged PCs to exhibit its games, and this may not be what we actually end up with on Sony’s latest system. Still, we’re hoping that we're proven wrong. Are you itching to have a snowball fight in Massive Entertainment’s post-pandemic New York? Apply your ear muffs in the comments section below.