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Tom Clancy's The Division Hints at What Your PS4 Can Do

Posted by Sammy Barker

Snow way

If the PlayStation 4 has yet to impress you from a visual perspective, then you may want to sit tight until Massive Entertainment’s tactical third-person shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division deploys next year. Developed using a brand new engine named Snowdrop, the upcoming release aims to introduce you to a world built specifically for next generation consoles.

It’s hard to deny that it looks impressive, too. The footage embedded below showcases the title’s volumetric lighting, particle systems, and day-and-night cycle. One particularly remarkable asset demonstrates how the change in temperature causes snow to melt, resulting in some realistic looking sludge capable of reflecting car headlights.

We can’t help but feel a smidgen sceptical, though. Ubisoft is known for using supercharged PCs to exhibit its games, and this may not be what we actually end up with on Sony’s latest system. Still, we’re hoping that we're proven wrong. Are you itching to have a snowball fight in Massive Entertainment’s post-pandemic New York? Apply your ear muffs in the comments section below.

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k_andersen said:

This game has me more intrigued with every passing second. Hopefully it turns out to be worthwhile.



get2sammyb said:

@k_andersen I agree, I think its potential is off the charts. But I'm trying to temper my expectations, because Ubisoft games tend to always be introduced with outrageous pitches — and then they almost always get scaled back before release.



k_andersen said:

@get2sammyb For sure. Watch Dogs is looking more and more like a slightly altered Assassin's Creed game every time I see it. That said, I've always been a huge fan of third person shooters being bent around the framework of an RPG. Also, I do love me some post-apocalyptic setting. It'll be interesting to see how this one turns out.



InsertNameHere said:

With The Order: 1886 & The Division coming out next year, I'm covered when it comes to third person shooters. I just hope the game lives up to all the hype because it has so much potential and I'd hate to see that go to waste.



Faustek said:

Bullshots here bullshots there bullshots everywhere.

Don't get me wrong it'll probably look really damn pretty on the PS4 but this is on a PC. All companies always uses the best footage available. Hell even if a game isn't coming to PC they still use PC footage just so it'll look better and we're all schmucks for eating it up.



AaronYeager said:

Yeah those graphics are amazing but PS4 is actually packing some nice graphics muscle this time, so it just may be able to stomach it. I'm not so sure about X1 due it's DDR3 RAM and 7790 level graphics card. Judging by the way it handled Call Of Duty and Battle field this game will certainly be scaled down to 720p on X1 and maybe even 900p on PS4.



charlesnarles said:

@Itachi I could see 1080 with less particles, but I don't want to choose between the two. It looks nicer than KZ, but launchers aren't fair to compare new games to. Hooray for this gen



RisefromAshes said:

I really liked the demo of The Division shown at E3. It showcased great tactical and co-operative gameplay.

I still think Uncharted 4 will set the bar for all shooters to adhere too.

Let's see if any game comes close to Uncharted 4.



DirectAim said:

This game looks awesome, cannot wait for more info to be released. I hope it has survival mechanics such as finding food and drink etc.

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