There’s no doubt that the PlayStation 4 offers an enormous graphical leap over current generation consoles, but it can be difficult to illustrate some of the improvements in image quality through lossy online streaming services such as YouTube. In order to make up for that, Guerrilla Games has prepared an ultra high bitrate video of Killzone: Shadow Fall for you to bust your monthly bandwidth limit with.

The footage – which you can grab directly through here – shows off a multiplayer match on a map named ‘The Park’. According to technical director Michiel van der Leeuw, this stage is situated deep behind enemy lines, in the shadow of a Visari tribute statue. “As you can probably tell from the footage, the multiplayer outputs at a native 1080p, rendering uncapped but always targeting 60 frames-per-second,” he explained on the PlayStation Blog.

Have you been able to download the clip? Are you impressed by the visual fidelity on display? Drop your jaw in the comments section below.