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Sony Schedules PlayStation Network Maintenance for Tomorrow

Posted by Sammy Barker

Under the knife

Sony’s digging out its favourite under construction animated graphic ahead of a lengthy window of scheduled PlayStation Network maintenance. Posting on the platform holder's official forums, a community representative confirmed that its current generation console will be going under the knife in Europe tomorrow, between 14:00PM GMT on 7th November through until 01:00AM GMT on 8th November.

Meanwhile, over in North America, the service will be down tomorrow from 08:00AM PT/11:00AM ET until 15:00PM PT/19:00PM ET. The good news is that if you’ve logged into your account recently, you’ll still be able to play online. Unfortunately, though, Account Management, the PlayStation Store, and PlayStation Home will be unavailable during the period, so make sure that you get any lingering business done today. We presume that this is in preparation for the impending PlayStation 4. After all, there's only nine days left to go in North America...


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rastamadeus said:

Right after the newest COD and Battlefield games have been released to a feverish online gaming community. I wouldn't be on either myself but is a massive pain in the arse for fans of them. Excellent work Sony. Who makes these decisions?



fridida said:

Damn you Sony for making things work even better than they do before maintenance!.........Some people just have to have a know who you are



ShogunRok said:

It's also N7 day tomorrow. AKA Mass Effect day. AKA the day everyone who still plays Mass Effect 3 co-op groups up and has a party.

Great timing.

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