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PS4 Will Make PS3's 'Good' Online Experience 'Excellent'

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Sony’s next generation console may be launching at a much lower price-point than its predecessor, but SCEE president Jim Ryan reckons that it will improve upon virtually every facet of its current flagship format. However, according to the likeable executive, one area that’s been given the greatest overhaul is the system’s online suite.

Quizzed about the platform’s agreeable €399.99 price point by Dutch network RTL News, the smiling suit noted that he’s thrilled that the device is launching at a significantly lower sum than its predecessor. “I launched the PlayStation 3 seven years ago at €599.99,” he beamed. “I decided that I never want to do that again.”

But will the cheaper price tag result in a significant step forward? “You’re still going to get that ‘wow’ experience,” Ryan continued confidently. “You’re going to see everything that you ordinarily see when you transition from one console generation to the next. So, improved processing power, better graphics – but I think that the most interesting thing is the vastly improved online capabilities.”

The executive pointed out that when the PS3 launched, its network functionality was basic. “It got better over time,” he added, “but what we really want to do is take something that’s good now, and turn it into something that’s really excellent.” The firm’s aiming to do that by incorporating social network functions, such as the ability to share gameplay experiences and more.

“The ability for people to communicate with each other is vastly improved,” he concluded. “You’ll be able to watch your friends playing their games, and they’ll be able to watch you. You’ll be able to help them, and they’ll be able to help you. So, it’s about taking the way in which people live their lives in this day and age, and embedding them into the gameplay as part of the game experience.”

Are you looking forward to streaming your late night Killzone: Shadow Fall sessions to your friends? What kind of gameplay clips are you most eager to upload? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Shellybird27 said:

This is why paying for online isn't a problem for me its actually a good thing.....and PS+is amazing!!



MANTAGTJ001 said:

Seriously? I dont think im gonna upload clips and TBH, sonys network is only gonna get better cus sonys online customers are ALL paying money to go online, I hope it will be better than Xbox live because the only argument that sonys network was crap was "oh, it's ok it is free so ..." please Sony can u make the network Awesome and not just excellent ?
I already have PS+ and think it is great and better than live in my opinion I have never had a problem honestly, but Awesome sounds better than Excellent doesnt it ! LOL



SuperKMx said:

What would make it better for me? For Sony to stop thinking that the PS3's network is anything like "good." It'll improve with PS4 of course, but it'll absolutely have to now that people will be paying for it.



charlesnarles said:

Cool. I like hearing confidence in their stuff. They aren't shy about pointing out their mistakes, so I'm a tiny bit hopeful of it being as good as they say



DoublezZ01 said:

@Shellybird27 I totally agree!!! We will be paying for quality a free games!!! What the hell is wrong with paying 50 buck for a whole year of awesome entertainment!!! =D



DoublezZ01 said:

Make us proud Sony make the network speedy secure and responsive as possible!!! >=)

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