It's been well over a year since Square Enix revealed Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, a compilation featuring the studio's seminal PlayStation 2 role-playing games. Fortunately, the Japanese company recently summoned a date for its home nation, confirming that fans will be able to dive back into Spira on the 26th December on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. While there's still no firm plans attached to the Western update, however, at least you can salivate over these brand new screenshots displaying familiar characters and scenes from Final Fantasy X's epic adventure.

In addition to the screens below, reports suggest that those looking to pick up the re-mastered classics overseas will be nabbing the most complete version of Final Fantasy X-2. "In addition to the Last Mission from X-2, additional dresspheres and the Creature Creator will be included in the game," said series producer Yoshinori Kitase. The Creature Creator will enable you to capture the game's vicious monsters and swap them into your party instead of the main members. Is this compilation on your radar? Drool over the images, and conjure up a comment in the interactive space below.