Before thatgamecompany changed the industry with a couple of hooded buccaneers, the studio preferred to dabble in botany. The indie outfit’s stunning flower delivered a liberating journey through a romantic world, and remains one of the most empowering experiences on the PlayStation 3 to date. But while the title’s also set to grow onto the PlayStation Vita, the platform holder has confirmed that the digital download will blossom onto the PlayStation 4, too.

According to Tim Moss, who’s the director of technology at Sony Santa Monica, the next generation iteration of the colourful classic will run in 1080p at 60 frames-per-second on the platform holder’s impending machine. “[It’s] a pretty magical experience,” he wrote on Twitter. Asked for more information, the graphics guru added that the re-release will feature additional anti-aliasing and extra grass detail. “It’s really pretty,” he concluded. Sounds like it’s going to, er, blow us away. (Sorry.)