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flower (PS4 / PlayStation 4)

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Escape to a dreamlike world

Glide through a world of subtle mysteries that you can explore at your own pace in Flower, the genre-bending game from the studio behind flOw and Journey. Carry a cluster of colourful flower petals around each landscape and witness it take on a life of its own. Soar above lush fields and rolling hills upon a gust of wind under your control. Freedom is everything.

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Posted by Nathan Michalik

Instant grassification

Originally swept onto the PlayStation 3 in 2009, flower soared away with a slew of critical acclaim that would set the benchmark for developer thatgamecompany’s successor Journey three years later. At its release, the floral indie favourite pushed...

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Sounds Like flower's Going to Look Bloomin' Lovely on PS4

Know your roots

Before thatgamecompany changed the industry with a couple of hooded buccaneers, the studio preferred to dabble in botany. The indie outfit’s stunning flower delivered a liberating journey through a romantic world, and remains one of the most empowering experiences on the PlayStation 3 to date. But while the title’s also set to...

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