Despite being a Japanese company, Sony has said very little about the PlayStation 4’s release plans in its home nation. The firm has been uncharacteristically focused on Western territories up until this point, perhaps recognising that Europe and North America are the regions where this generation’s console war will be fought.

However, the organisation has not forgotten about its native market entirely. Continuing its commitment to ensuring that every day is a busy day, the company has scheduled a last minute press conference for 9th September that will disclose details about its next generation console’s Eastern release date.

You’ll be able to stream the event on the PlayStation Blog from 07:00AM BST. We’re expecting a couple of titles to put in an appearance – the recently announced Yakuza Ishin, for example – but aren’t expecting a flurry of news. After all, the Tokyo Game Show is right around the corner, where the platform holder has another press conference planned.