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When's the PS4 Due Out in Japan? We'll Know Very Soon

Posted by Sammy Barker

Not forgotten

Despite being a Japanese company, Sony has said very little about the PlayStation 4’s release plans in its home nation. The firm has been uncharacteristically focused on Western territories up until this point, perhaps recognising that Europe and North America are the regions where this generation’s console war will be fought.

However, the organisation has not forgotten about its native market entirely. Continuing its commitment to ensuring that every day is a busy day, the company has scheduled a last minute press conference for 9th September that will disclose details about its next generation console’s Eastern release date.

You’ll be able to stream the event on the PlayStation Blog from 07:00AM BST. We’re expecting a couple of titles to put in an appearance – the recently announced Yakuza Ishin, for example – but aren’t expecting a flurry of news. After all, the Tokyo Game Show is right around the corner, where the platform holder has another press conference planned.


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InsertNameHere said:

I want to see some more Freedom Wars at TGS, some JRPG's for the PS4 and Vita (ones that'll be localized) would be nice too.



MadchesterManc said:

@Lelouch Same here to be honest. The lack of JRPG announcements for Ps4 is one of the reasons Im holding back on the console at the moment.



longshot28 said:

I wouldn't say last minute conference on the 9th, I've actually had the site bookmarked for over a month for the live stream.



8vpiper said:

Well if it's releasing in December in Africa I'm pretty confident that they will launch there this year just a bummer we paying $615 dollars for it! If only they released the pricing earlier would have imported and had it earlier and chea



odd69 said:

More console wars yay. My favorite time of the year!! ill disappear for this one. I was stuck dead in the middle of the console wars so i ended up buying all the systems and been broke the whole 5 years.

I sticking with sony to save money. If the WiiU comes out with something here and there Im sure to get those.

'Or maybe they are waiting and will announce something big to japan, cause you know they get more different games than we do(check out the ps3 japan store), Im sure there is more to it. Unless the focus truly is western, then we are in for a treat

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