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The Last of Us' First Expansion Pack Steps Out of Hiding This Week

Posted by Sammy Barker

Click, clock

Naughty Dog promised to give us a look at its first nail-biting expansion pack for The Last of Us back in August, but that month has come and gone with nary the hint of a clicking sound. Brace yourself, though, because the Californian studio is finally steadying its nerves in preparation for a reveal later this week. About time, huh?

Game director Bruce Straley confirmed the news on Twitter, telling eager fans to “sit tight” for a few more days. We know that there are three expansions heading to Sony’s super popular survival horror excursion: two multiplayer add-ons, and a brand new story chapter. While we adored the title’s online component, we’re more curious about the latter. Let’s hope that that is what this week’s reveal entrails – er, entails.


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8vpiper said:

YES PLEASE! hope the first is single player dlc just tried the mp today for the first time......My report: thought I was only on for an hour but it was closer to 5! so All Good , really wish people would stop joining my colony tuff times to feed them all lol



ShogunRok said:

I still can't believe Naughty Dog never released single player expansions for Uncharted 2 or 3.



8vpiper said:

@Lelouch ......LMAO Ok you got me. (cant stand dbz but the wife loves it) I unfortunately have to tether of my phone as I'm still waiting for my dsl line been delayed by a month (not so bad in my country ) Even with the dsl line I'm still going to ping about 300 to Europe. As a interesting experiment what do you guys in Europe ping to South Africa?



8vpiper said:

@Lelouch Rob, Steal do what ever You need too, trust me you WANT this! If you get caught at least you can blame Video games

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