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Sony Playing It Safe with PS4 Pre-Orders, Doesn't Want Customers to Defect

Posted by Sammy Barker

Hoping to get lots of stock on store shelves

As we know, Sony has locked down pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 in Europe. The platform holder has warned retailers across the continent that launch day delivery can no longer be guaranteed. However, according to MCV, this is just a precaution as the manufacturer prepares for the system’s release.

The publication claims that the firm expects more stock to be available at launch, and that some machines will be held back so that stores have something to display. We reckon that there’s going to be full-on brawls to secure those wild consoles. A source added that the Japanese giant “doesn’t want consumers who couldn’t buy a PS4 to buy an Xbox One instead”.

Naturally, the company has refrained from commenting on the situation. “Sony Computer Entertainment Europe does not comment on production and we have no further information to share at this time on our release strategy for the PS4 which is scheduled for launch this holiday season,” a spokesperson said.

It’s exciting this, isn’t it? As much as we’re looking forward to the system itself, we can’t wait to see how many consoles make it onto store shelves this Christmas. Amazingly, the PlayStation Portable still holds the record for the best ever UK launch with 185,000 units sold in three days. Will the PS4 beat it? It’s certainly looking possible.


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MadchesterManc said:

The PsP has the beiggest launch sales in the UK!? Thats an unexpected suprise. Im hoping Sony can at least restock the shelves well enough in the New Year as Im not looking to get a Ps4 till after Xmas. With all this talk of shortages Im hoping we dont see things like shootouts and rioting as we have in previous console launches



ViciousDS said:

Sounds like stores are going to have the biggest stock available for a console in the history of gaming......didn't ps3 only have like 6 ps3's at most per store......this sounds almost like they are aiming for hundreds lol



Sanquine said:

I dont care if i have my console at launch. In patient. Sony buy atlas will you? Please



RawShark said:

So long as the pre-orders are fulfilled, I'm all set. Just out of interest, have many other people pre-ordered the console but not any games? None of the launch titles are screaming for me to buy them... I'm anticipating being able to play the PS Plus games, but that's on an assumption that Plus will make these available from day one.



SuperSilverback said:

Me and my bros havnt pre-ordered console or games. We thought we'd not just jump in feet first this time and see whats going on. But honestly, i wish we had pre-ordered now. Im really bored with this gen and need something new! I use to play games flat out now im like....meh.

But Killzone, BF4, Second Son. Me want big time. Hell, even Knack has me really interested.



get2sammyb said:

@RawShark I haven't ordered any games yet — but only because I'm waiting to see the full launch lineup. I'm interested in Killzone, Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield, and DriveClub. There are others that look good, too. Gonna be an expensive year!



Dolphan2388 said:

Good thing I pre ordered mine after e3 and was one of the first ones to do it at my local GameStop.



8vpiper said:

At the rumoured price thats going around I don't think it will be worth it if I'm honest. But that said I think Sony would be the best home for them.



8vpiper said:

At the rumoured price thats going around I don't think it will be worth it if I'm honest. But that said I think Sony would be the best home for them.



JaxonH said:

I have a launch day PS4 pre ordered...unfortunately, the PS4 launch isn't that exciting to me personally, because there aren't any real must-haves launching with the system. I'll already have the multiplats like Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts on other platforms. What I'm excited about is 2014 and games like FF15, and the prospect of what new games will be brought to the table in the years to come.

As nice as it is to enter a new generation, I think the PS4 has least-excited me compared to past consoles such as the PS2 or PS3. Idk, maybe it's just me.

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