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Sucker Punch: Impossible Dreams Are Now Possible on PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Seattle studio thinking big with inFAMOUS: Second Son

The power of the PlayStation 4 has cleared the fog on inFAMOUS: Second Son developer Sucker Punch’s dreams, according to co-founder Brian Fleming. Speaking as part of Sony’s ongoing ‘Conversations with Creators’ video series, the studio gaffer admitted that the console transition has allowed it to rethink every element of its superhero series, and rebuild the parts in a way that’s realised its wildest fantasies for the franchise.

“You have to rethink how everything works when you jump generations, and that provided us with a great opportunity to also rethink the character and the power set,” beamed the bearded executive. “You already have all of the parts on the floor, so it’s a great time to think about how you want to put them back together. And it gives us a lot of energy around doing another game in this universe, because there’s so much for us to build and discover. The dreams that we had that were impossible are now possible.”

One area that the studio's completely overhauled is the title's control system. “We’ve really streamlined the controls so that you can use any of your powers whenever you want to, in all sorts of different circumstances,” said design director Nate Fox. “People will be chaining the use of their powers and moves and attacks really fluidly.” According to lead designer Jaime Griesemer, the new scheme is “easier to learn and more expressive”.

Having had a chance to get up close to inFAMOUS: Second Son recently, we really feel like this is going to be the game that puts Sucker Punch on the map. While the developer has always had a solid track-record, we genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if this title propelled the relatively small studio into the same bracket as Naughty Dog and other top-tier teams. Yes, we’re being serious.


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RaymanFan2 said:

It's already in the same tier as Naughty Dog for me.
Infamous was better than Uncharted (although not better than TLoU), and Sly was better than Jak, IMO.
Insomniac is the other one that's up there, but they've made poor choices recently and only R&C keeps me coming back to them. And Into The Nexus is their last chance with that series, too.



InsertNameHere said:

I hope Second Son and Shadow Fall work out. Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Polyphony and Media Molecule are the only studios that seem to really be in the spotlight and I find that pretty sad.

Infamous and Killzone are criminally underrated and that isn't fair to them at all. I get people see KZ as just another shooter, but it's much more than your typical run n' gun FPS. Infamous is overlooked due to sharing similarities to Prototype and as we know, no 2 games can share similarities otherwise one is seen as a ripoff of the other.



DoublezZ01 said:

@TheRealBatman We share the same underrated opinion my friend! Id play infamous b4 uncharted any day ! Killzone is more attractive then cod to me! the only difference now being the customization!



DoublezZ01 said:

If they said this game would take 2 months 2 beat that would make my day!!! But either way cant wait for this!!!



Dathon said:

Got this preordered with the PS4. Just dont want to see the controls/gameplay dumbed down that even a 5-year-old could play the game easily and beat it. This takes the fun away.



MadchesterManc said:

Im hoping this Second Son will finally sell me on the franchise. I though 1 was ok and 2 was a marked improvement that I enjoyed a lot, but I dont think the series has fully realised it potential yet (much like Killzone) Second Son deos look really impressive tho



hYdeks said:

Impossible dreams are now possible with this new console.....don't they say that with every new generation of consoles?



Stuffgamer1 said:

@hydeks: Yup. Give them a few years and they find new, bigger dreams to consider impossible until PS5 comes out.

@RaymanFan2: I guess so. All I know is I'm still hooked on Uncharted 3's multiplayer, and I haven't touched InFamous 2 since I got my Plat.



Tony_342 said:

I don't mean to sound negative, but this is the only PS4 game so far that I'm actually interested in. Which leaves me with the odd position of having to choose which games to buy at launch when there really aren't any that appeal to me.

Personally, I've been a big fan of Sucker Punch since Rocket: Robot on Wheels on the N64. I still remember reading about that game in Nintendo Power before the title of the game was even known. They said it was going to be "like Banjo-Kazooie but with more interaction with the environment." Right then, I knew I would be keeping my eye on this team. I've owned and enjoyed every game they've ever made, and I don't think that will change anytime soon.

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