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Get Tactical with Eight Minutes of Killzone: Shadow Fall

Posted by Robert Ramsey

OWL power

Killzone: Shadow Fall just keeps looking better and better every time that we see it – and this newly published gameplay trailer is no exception. Originally shown at E3, this Helghast-infested video has blasted its way online, eager to show off the OWL drone which will accompany you throughout the game.

And it's certainly a helpful little sidekick. It can hack enemy radio stations, provide supporting fire, create protective shields which act as portable cover, and even self-detonate, stunning Helghast soldiers and leaving them vulnerable to a deadly melee attack. We also love the way that it zips around the battlefield at your behest, guided by using the touchpad of the DualShock 4. Do you think that the OWL is a good addition to the Killzone franchise? Let us know in the comments section below.

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staticdash22 said:

I really like the new Assault Helghast designs. Overall I'm pleased with the progress of the game, I just want them to speed up the action around the player not necessarily the player tho. The player movement is what makes killzone standout from the competition, the weight system.

If the game can keep a rock solid 30 fps then I will be more than happy. Since this is one of the first generation of PS4 games, I won't fault Guerilla Games for not going 60 fps immediately. I trust them to know what's best for their game. Oh and no one should worry about the multiplayer, its in good hands.

The creative director/lead designer from killzone 2's multiplayer is back with Guerilla Games and he's leading the development of the multiplayer. He slipped up and gave us some cool info about the multiplayer.....over 20 weapons & possible customization of our players.



InsertNameHere said:

Open maps and that OWL have me completely sold on this game. I'm a big Killzone fan so I was already hyped, but this video has pushed it over the edge.



ViciousDS said:

i love how fast and responsive it damn it actually shoots things lol.

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