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Pre-order Allocations for PS4 Far Outstrip Xbox One

Posted by Sammy Barker

GameStop ceases accepting deposits for Microsoft's machine

Microsoft may have moseyed back into the console battlefield with last night’s announcements, but it could still struggle to satisfy demand at launch. Polygon reports that mega retailer GameStop has already fulfilled its allocation of pre-orders for the Xbox One, and has ceased accepting further deposits in stores as a result. Fascinatingly, this is not simply due to high demand.

According to the site – and numerous anecdotal reports around the web – allocations for the Xbox One are much lower than the PS4. A Californian branch of the retailer noted that it has just 16 slots for Microsoft’s machine, and a whopping 60 for Sony’s next generation system. According to the franchise, these allocations are decided by their respective platform holders.

So, what does this mean? Well, it’s possible that the Xbox maker’s attempting to create the impression of stock limitations in order to make its system seem more popular, but there have been unsubstantiated rumours that suggest that the console has been having some manufacturing issues. If it’s the latter, then it may find itself slipping behind Sony this Christmas – in spite of last night’s dramatic turnaround.

Of course, a third option may be that it’s being cautious until it knows how many rigs that it can actually produce, and that it will upgrade allocations closer to launch. We suppose that it’s possible, too, that Sony’s being optimistic – it has cautioned already that there may be PS4 stock shortages this holiday.

We’ll have to wait until the systems are on store shelves before we get any clear indications of how they’re performing. In the meantime, if you’re planning to purchase either system, we suggest that you get your deposits in now. We suspect that both consoles are going to be hard to find this Christmas.


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Ginkgo said:

My guess is that they were caught with their pants down when Sony announced the PS4 and "holiday" release, so now they are rushing to not get left behind. Also explains why so many non MS developers were not running their games on dev kits at E3. MS is struggling to be ready and the double take on DRM wont help them.



get2sammyb said:

@Ginkgo Yeah, I totally feel they're playing catch-up to a degree, too. Definitely think Sony's surprised them. I also still think that PS4 will launch before Xbone.



The3DSisMINE said:

I loved Xbox. Key word "Loved" But with this Console war for the first time I cannot tell what is really better or what system is more powerful. I'm going with the PS4 because I ordered it first after MS said that there was DRM. I think Sony knows what they are doing and know the gamers better than MS. So I have to supoort Sony on this matter. Just give us a Kick A$$ Launch Date and Launch Games. But I will always remember the fond memories of XBOX 360. Oh and about this Post, I saw that coming a mile away



ViciousDS said:

That's the thing, Sony has had this year planned as launch obviously for a long time, since there first conference they said 2013 was the launch was just a matter of where. Now Microsoft is going to be really left behind if they don't release the console by the end of this year, wasn't the initial reports for the console for Q1 2014? I remember reading that somewhere that the X1 was initially slated for a spring release. Also the developers not running on actual dev-kits proves that as well that the developers have not had enough time with the actual system itself and are rushing to meet the launch day window.

Because as of right now Sony actually leads in PS3 vs 360 sales....and it launched a year later......if Microsoft does not release around the same time as the will be blown away this generation. Microsoft had a good year head start and a huge price difference....this time around with Sony's first party support being the best in the industry by far having almost all there games an average rating of 9/10 compared to how bad Microsofts first party studios are, the massive price difference.....I mean $399 for that console in terms of just specs is a fricken steal....I don't think I could even get 8GB of GDDR5 with a mobo and processor(if they made them) for $400, I just don't see Microsoft being a leader at all this generation.



ShogunRok said:

I have to agree that Microsoft seem to have been playing catch up ever since the PS4 was announced - everything its done seems to have been rushed to an extent.



MaxaMod said:

no mater what X1 will take at less 51% of the NA and sony world wide again ..
but after 18 month i think sony will dominate everywhere just like ps2 day, when the 1st party starts to role out games and Gaigai lunches and the different in the row power becomes a let bit clear



Grockumus said:

@MaxaMod Yeah, I honestly can't wait until Sony releases more information about the Gaikai service, and when it can be used on the PS4.



charlesnarles said:

I'd love to see what kind of machine Microsoft ends up with. Smells like Dreamcast to me. But at least there's a real market for x1s which will encourage even better 1st party Sony games. : ) and yeah Gaikai had better solve the whole "remote play actually = 2nd screen in same room like WiiU" idea. We freaking need streaming to Vita.
Preordering PS4 sounds excellent at this particular point in time.



InsertNameHere said:

Wasn't an article about Microsoft being 6 months behind in production and having to shutdown a ton of in-studio projects?

If so, then they really have been scrambling to keep up with Sony, and that dev kit fiasco shows it. Microsoft is still going to control the majority of the US, but Sony has a chance to take a lot of wind out of their sales by launching before or around the same as the Xbone.

Sony also the advantage when it comes to exclusives. Since the original Xbox, Microsoft is has been produced nothing but shooters - which is really all it's consoles are known for. Sony has built up a large and very diverse library this gen, and that could really help them carve out a place here in the States.



ViciousDS said:

@TheRealBatman I truly think if they would have shown the last guardian for a Q1 release for next year alongside infamous............USA would really really fricken close.



artemisthemp said:

Microsoft did already throw the towel in the ring, when they announced Asia 2014 as Japan is the most important Region.

Hopefully Xbox One will have some success, so Sony ain't the only high end Console on the market.

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