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Another Analyst Reckons the PS4 Will Retail for Less Than $400

Posted by Sammy Barker

Cheap as chips

Michael Pachter isn’t the only industry analyst that believes that Sony has learned from the PlayStation 3’s disastrous price tag. In a note deployed to investors earlier today, Sterne Agee employee Arvind Bhatia said that the company will not repeat the same mistakes, and will subsequently launch the PlayStation 4 at a much more agreeable cost.

“We believe that Sony will aim to keep the price point for the PS4 below $400," he said, though he cautioned that the company may have to lose money to achieve it. The analyst explained that because the PlayStation Network is free, the firm lacks a suitable method to subsidise any losses. We still think that the platform holder will lock some of the console’s social features behind a paywall.

Earlier in the month, divisive Wedbush Securities employee Michael Pachter suggested that the console will sell for $349, based on the assumption that its bill of materials will cost around $275. We reckon that that tag seems a little too cheap, but we sincerely hope that we’re proved wrong. An affordable PS4 would be an incredible treat.


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rjejr said:

Too bad we're in agreement the price won't come out next week so we'll have to wait awhile longer. I do hope the Eye in the box mystery gets solved though. How are we supposed to guesstimate the price w/o knowing if a $50 piece of hardware is in the box or not?



Epic said:

I'm calling it.
It will be 450-500 they won't be selling at loss and they plan to bundle it with PS Eye so its almost a given it won't be 400.
They are also aloof other things to consider.
Shippement & Handling, Retalers Income and legal taxes for products like these.
Its not that simplet bringing a cheap quality product on the table.



Zombie_Barioth said:

As great as a $350 launch price sounds I really don't see it happening. Under $500 yea since that was how much the cheapest PS3 was at launch, but I don't think it'll be any lower than $400.

That would still be much less than Microsoft's supposed $500 price point and match their subsidized model without the two-year contract, not too bad really.



hYdeks said:

@Epic totally agree, these people are unrealistic with there pricing so far, cheapest I could see it being is probably $399.99. The PS3 didn't even have backwards, and this doesn't either, and have you seen the spec differences between PS3 and PS4?!? The PS4 only being $50-$75 more for what your getting is REALLY unrealistic.

If you want the top graphics, you'll probably spend the money for the system, me personally, I'm just looking for interactive and fun games (Wii U so far). I still play NES games, graphics have never meant much to me.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@hydeks: Actually, the first PS3s released had backwards compatibility...Sony chose tho remove that feature a few month or so after launch.

Btt: I would be thrilled if the PS4 came for around EUR 350,- (usually, companies tend to take the US $ price and ask the same sum in EUR, at least here in Germany), but I hardly can see it happen. 399,- ? Big maybe...but: I'd be thrilled to be proven wrong!

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