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Farming Simulator 2013 Ploughs PlayStation 3 on 6th September

Posted by Sammy Barker

Top of the crops

Dig out your flat cap and wellington boots, because Giants Software is aiming to turnip the heat later this year with Farming Simulator 2013. The annual agricultural sequel is set to release during the first week of September, which we reckon equates to the 6th September in the UK. The title marks the series’ debut on the PlayStation 3, but is the franchise’s fifth entry overall – lettuce hope that they’re not milking it.

The console version rakes up a brand new environment in the form of North America, which promises to double the game world. The added location augments fresh farming scenery, land types, barns, vehicles, and more, all while maintaining the core ingredients of the popular PC release. Corn blimey. You can find out more about the game through here. Are you eager to put your green fingers to the test? Let us know in the comments section below.

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SuperKMx said:

I avoided puns for mine...mainly because I couldn't think of any.

"Corn blimey" is the greatest thing I've ever read, though. Kudos.



Epic said:

@get2sammyb believe me is HORRIBLE people play this games just to see all the nonsense that happens thanks to all the glitches found in the simulator games.



hamispink said:

This article was constantly groan worthy, Great job Sammy!
On the game, it is surprisingly addictive. It's clearly low budget, but that just adds to the charm, as you mow the golf course and carry suitcases via forklift for $10,000 a pop!



Savino said:

I heard that the farming simulator nextgen will be so realistic that you plant your crops in game and harvest it in real life!



get2sammyb said:

@Epic I've heard they're a bit janky, but they do genuinely seem super popular. Honestly, as ridiculous as the game sounds, I do find something appealing about the niche nature of the gameplay. I have zero interest in farming, but it seems like such an original idea for a game. I'm intrigued. Pre-orders are only £20, too.

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