The Last of Us' Clickers Make the Most Terrifying Noises Ever

It turns out that there is a sound that topples One Direction’s latest record in the awful audio stakes. Sony has released a brand new two minute gameplay video from The Last of Us, which introduces a fresh enemy type known as Clickers, advanced infected beings which are blind and basically bloody terrifying. They use echo location sounds to track down threats, meaning that you can only move when they are completely silent. Unsurprisingly, they are also the strongest enemies in the game, requiring serious force to be taken down.

There are two further iterations of the undead, but Naughty Dog has only revealed one of them. Runners represent the earliest stage of contamination, and resemble humans in appearance. These foes have advanced eyesight, and are particularly proficient at detecting movement. They are weak, however, meaning that they are forced to travel in packs in order to mount a convincing attack.

The Last of Us 5

It seems that the artificial intelligence in The Last of Us is one of its strongest assets. You can lure enemies around the map using sound, forcing groups into traps or tricking them into misunderstanding your whereabouts. Lead protagonist Joel is augmented with a ‘listening’ ability, which allows him to better locate clicks and groans, as well as discover footsteps in the game world. The mechanic appears to be a lot like Detective Vision in Batman: Arkham City.

As has already been hinted, there’s a crafting system in the game, too. You can combine objects to extend their longevity, or enhance their effectiveness. For example, you can strap a pair of scissors to a lead pipe, adding a penetrative upgrade to the otherwise blunt melee weapon.

The Last of Us 12

Remember, you'll be able to unlock early access to The Last of Us' first public demo by purchasing a copy of the upcoming God of War: Ascension. The full game's set to spook the PlayStation 3 on 7th May, which means that you may want to stock up on sleep now. We doubt that you'll be getting much once the game is actually out.