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Gaikai's Extensive PS4 Role Comes to Light

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Backward compatibility streaming, Vita to PS4 Remote Play

After last year's acquisition of Gaikai, many have been wondering just how prominent the game streaming company and its technology would be for PlayStation 4. The answer was given during the console's big announcement event this evening, and it became clear that the company is delivering expertise and infrastructure vital to the system's functionality.

Gaikai founder David Perry took to the stage and confirmed the widely spread rumour that the 'PlayStation Cloud' will be used to stream previous generation games to give full backward compatibility — the PS1, PS2 and PS3 catalogues will be available, with the goal to make the full range available, eventually. There was no mention, unsurprisingly, of backward compatibility with previous generation discs, but streaming will bypass issues emulating previous hardware, and, perhaps most importantly, keep the overall cost down. Details on how the system will work, pricing and so on will emerge later in the year.

Also, as part of the stated objective of making PS4 an experience always available and mobile, Gaikai streaming will power Remote Play from the new console to the PlayStation Vita. The objective is for all PS4 titles to support the feature, while Perry stated that the controller response and transmission times should be practically immediate.

More details will come throughout the year. What do you think of streaming games for full backward compatibility, and is Vita Remote Play a feature you're excited about? Let us know in the comments below.

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evildevil97 said:

I don't like the idea of streaming for backward compatibility. At least as the only option. Even if disc compatibility isn't an option, I'd prefer having access to downloading the full games. I at least want the option.



Squiggle55 said:

I think I am going to give up on any expectations for backwards compatibility streaming.

I really wanted to remote play my beloved PSN titles from the PS3, but that didn't happen at all. Then I would have settled for the future, just make all future titles on PS4 remote playable, but now I'm not even sure about that.

In the presentation they say they are “unlocking remote play” and the Vita "will be capable" of remote play with PS4 games. Then he proceeds to say the long term goal is streaming ps1, ps2, and ps3 games as well. I hope that's the case, but more than likely they will roll out games for the service with the same frequency as ps1 classics for vita.

And now Jack Tretton writes on the PSblog:
“it’s our long-term vision to make most PS4 games playable on PS Vita”

I hate the sound of that quote, and this is really shaping up to be another empty promise in my mind. They seriously need to be very specific and honest about what will and won’t happen with Remote Play this time.



BlueProxy said:


Understandable doubt, but they didn't setup/build the PS3 for that, nor did they have the Gaikai team, their expertise and programers. Now they do, so it's a good chance it will be a much better library for PS 1, 2 and 3 this time.



Alpha said:

@evildevil97 I totally agree with you, i have S***** Internet here where i live, its a cellphone hotspot i can barley play anything. so im a bit disapointed on this.



ThreadShadow said:

With download you don't own a physical copy. With Gaikai you won't own anything at all. Not even any data. : (



thebombdrop said:

those this mean you can stream ps4 games to the vita or do you need a ps4 to do this



belmont said:

Full remote play with the Vita was promised with PS3 but it is unclear if we have it even with PS4. I know that it may be hard to make it but come on, as a first step, locally it could be available. Remote play would have sold the system to me. Know I will wait to see more announcements.



rjejr said:

@Squiggle55 - I don't think "all" games will ever be possible w/ "Remote play". Did you see the Mm 3D sculpting demo (can't wait for all the 3D penises)? How are you going to play that - or any Move games - on the Vita?

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