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Evolution of PlayStation Steps Its Game Up with Portable Systems

Posted by Sammy Barker

What's next?

Right on time, Sony has deployed another entry in its ‘Evolution of PlayStation’ series, this time focusing on both the PlayStation Portable and Vita. As with previous releases, the video features a mixture of archive footage and gameplay from the platform holder’s dedicated handheld systems. It also concludes the recap of major PlayStation systems that have already launched.

And that’s left us wondering what tomorrow’s trailer will entail. We doubt that the manufacturer will fail to release anything the day before its big 20th February press conference is set to start, so we’re assuming that there’ll be some kind of teaser to send hype levels through the roof. Not long to wait now. Urgh.

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InsertNameHere said:

My hype just hit an all time high. I'm jist glad I don't have much longer to wait, before my mind gets blown sky high by this announcement.



hamispink said:

They've run out of things to evolve. I wonder if Sony will release some other kind of video tomorrow, or if they will focus on something less tangible than a console, like a service.



Gamer83 said:

As much as I like Sony's home consoles, I may be an even bigger fan of its portable systems. The PSP is currently my favorite portable system ever, tons of great games and I still use it to listen to music. The Vita is on its way to being just as good as PSP and in the end for me it may even best it. Since buying the Vita last year, it has taken over as my most-played system even more than the PS3.



Zombie_Barioth said:

@Gamer83 Same here, I enjoy playing on consoles but I like my handhelds even more. I just like being able to plop down wherever I feel like and play without being tied to a certain location, and many of the games I like seem to end up there as well (I suppose I can thank Japan for that). They also just feel more personal imo.

I'm sorta disappointed that the PSP didn't get much of the spotlight though.



charlesnarles said:

PSP had lots of exclusive jewels. I wish I had one before 2010, but I thought a DSlite would be better...



InsertNameHere said:

I never had the honor of owning a PSP, but I plan to rectify that by buying it's little brother. Sony has never let me down before, and I doubt they'll start anytime soon.



ThreadShadow said:

One of the first thoughts that flashed through my mind when I first played my PSP was-'I can hardly wait to play the Zelda game for this!' The screen was so nice, and I'd just finished playing Phantom Hourglass on DS(which was great). The thought was brief and made no sense, but I was coming off a fun Zelda experience and my head hadn't cleared yet! Ha!

The lack of a second analog nub really hurt the PSP though, imo. Especially since it was sometimes positioned as a portable PS2. Nothing pulls me out of a game quicker then physical/mental discomfort causing 'make-do' controls. So many games were seemingly made for dual sticks and deserved dual sticks.

Vita is a great machine. I've had fun, but with such limited memory I haven't been able to have lots of fun yet. I think that turns people off Vita, even those who own it, they think 'this is great but I got to put aside some money for a bigger card' and so the Vita is set aside with the goal of 'i'll get back to it when I get a bigger card'. So they may even start saving money, but soon something comes along and the money is gone, and Vita collects dust. Its just a huge artificial stumbling block created by Sony that never needed to be there, and I think it's a huge part of Vita's current condition. Sony knows this and that's why we're seeing the 32gb pack-in now.

When most consumers can take that money to buy another game for some other system, they most likely will, because it's more fun to buy a game then a memory card, and Vita will get left behind.



Zombie_Barioth said:

@ThreadShadow I'd say thats exactly it. Take me for example, I've just about filled up my PSP's 8gb stick so I'll be looking to upgrade to at least a 16gb card. The problem here is a 16gb card for the Vita is $60 by itself, thats a lot of money for such little storage.

It sucks since I do want to upgrade from my worn out PSP (MHFU with twin sticks, anyone?) but I can't justify spending that kind of money on a memory card. On the other hand I'd gladly pick up a nice bundle if it had a decent amount of memory included.

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