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Scheduled PlayStation Network Maintenance to Persist Overnight

Posted by Sammy Barker


There’s never been a better time for you to take the shrink wrap off that copy of Wuthering Heights and lose yourself in the (occasionally uncomfortable) love story of Heathcliff and Catherine. Sony has announced that the PlayStation Network’s pre-arranged maintenance period is set to run until the early hours of Saturday morning in Europe. "Unfortunately PSN maintenance is still underway and service is now not expected to resume before tomorrow morning," a spokesperson explained on the PlayStation Europe Twitter account this evening. "We'll update again soon."

We’re starting to lose track of what that means for North America, but a recent PlayStation Knowledge Centre update noted that the company was aiming for the window to close at 21:00PM PDT. The official PlayStation Twitter account added: "PSN maintenance is requiring more time than expected, and is now expected to complete tonight. We apologize for the inconvenience."

The maintenance was only supposed to affect Thursday, 17th January, but it seems like something has gone seriously wrong. Perhaps the local bakery ran out of bagels, and the technicians refused to switch things back on until they got some bacon and egg-based sustenance. We’ve all been there.

Update: And it's all over. Normal service should now be resumed in Europe and North America.


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ShogunRok said:

Me and a handful of friends can sign in now - and one of them is American. So... are we all good to go?



ShogunRok said:

@get2sammyb I wonder why it's been so different for people, then. Like I said earlier, I was signed in for most of the 16th, but I haven't been able to access anything since then - until now.



rjejr said:

Can't wait for discs to go away so we can DL games whenever we want .



Knux said:

It really doesn't affect me much. I'm signed in right now and been able to sign in without much problems during the entire maintenance period. PS Store is down but it's not like I was planning on buying anything tonight.

The only annoying thing is the fact that my PS3 tends to freeze whenever I get the ''PS Store is under maintenance'' message and refuses to let me go back, even though there seems to be an option to do so.



bombbreath said:

10:00pm west coast time, get ready get set log on. Game on.
From Your Playstation Network Customer Ambassador, online id: bombbreath Sony make.belive



destinyrenea97 said:

This is pathetic. My only free weekend and I can't even play black ops but my friends can? God I'm about ready to get an Xbox.



LiNkZoR said:

They dun gud and borkeded it.

All jokes aside, you are complaining that you can't play something that is free. Go ahead, everyone, buy an xbox and waste 300$ and then 60$ a year.

Think about the developers and the technicians scrambling to try and fix it, they probably haven't slept since it started.



HoGsHaVeN88 said:

Nothing at all good comes out of this. Straight up bogus. I do have a life outside of gaming but its my solitude and just sucks a company like this takes damn near 48 hrs to fix something that wont really change the game or effect us at all. Its nothing but an inconveiniance to everyone that enjoys games online a.k.a black ops 2 lmfao



NathanUC said:

I'm so angry that none of my games work offline! This is an outrage and... wait a minute....



scarble said:

I was going to buy an old GTA off the store..
Are they fixing it to get rid of that ridiculous search interface? 3 days might be worthwhile for that.
Bad timing, it's all gross and slushy/icy outside so my weekend is dead.



scarble said:

Store is back for me.
Did anyone else have trouble with the "under maintenance" message on store? It said to press circle to exit but didn't work for me, I had to turn off the PS3 every time :I



StarkEvilVash said:

Thankfully I've been fully absorbed into Dmc. So the online bits haven't bothered me other than not being able to use crunchyroll. Dmc is brilliant by the way, I love everything about it.

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