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Free Your Frustration with Angry Birds Trilogy DLC

Posted by Sammy Barker

Fowl flingin'

If the PlayStation 3 version of the Angry Birds Trilogy wasn’t already expensive enough, publisher Activision has decided to inflate the package’s price with a brand new DLC pack. Like foie gras without the animal cruelty, you’ll be able to enlarge the retail release with 130 brand new levels courtesy of the Anger Management expansion.

The $4.99 add-on includes a number of new episodes, including Ham-O-Ween, Wreck the Halls, Birdday Party, and Piglantis. It also packs an extra orange bird, which is capable of ballooning to an enormous size in order to bring home the bacon. Are any of you playing this version of Rovio's mobile smash hit? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Knux said:

Well, this helps me to decide on which version of Angry Birds Trilogy to buy...whenever I decide to get it.



FuzzyYellowBalls said:

Perhaps the entire game, with this DLC included, should be priced at $4.99?
Damn, I hope they're not making money off of this! Abysmal, if so.



Epic said:

With 5 bucks i can get all the full versions/add free HD versions of all the angry birds fro Android.



Hokori said:

It's sad indeed, and what's worse is the company who made this acts like they're Nintendo/Sony when it comes to videogames.... ie been around making games for a long time...



rjejr said:

Nice simile - Like foie gras without the animal cruelty.



Jaz007 said:

Yeah the price of Angry Birds trilogy is ridiculous. Angry birds is good for what it is, a $0.99 iphone game, however IT IS NOT A $40 RETAIL GAME. It also is a litttle over hyped and doesn't deserve all its plushes and stuff.

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