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Double Dragon: Neon Lights Up PlayStation Plus Next Month

Posted by Sammy Barker

Brotherly love

Double Dragon: Neon is set to plant a punch squarely on the jaw of all North American PlayStation Plus members next month, when the title joins the service’s Instant Game Collection. That means all premium members will be able to hook up with the original dudebros Billy and Jimmy without needing to spend a penny. Pretty neat, huh?

The WayForward developed brawler promises to feature a gaggle of new goons, in addition to a two-player mode cleverly dubbed ‘Bro-op’. Together you’ll be able to unleash special moves, juggle foes and, er, collect Mix-Tapes that upgrade your powers.

There’s a brand new trailer embedded below.


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SilentJ said:

That's cool I guess. Still hoping we'll eventually get Red Dead Redemption.



Splat said:

Freaking sweet! This was going to be a day one purchase for me now getting it for free.

I have only been a PS+ member for about two months but I'm quickly becoming a big fan.



get2sammyb said:

@Splat It's the best feeling in the world when you decide to purchase a game, and then get given it for free!



Splat said:

Ya, I scored twice this month. I was planning on picking up Borderlands and Double Dragon and they are both going to be on PS+.

I think they are trying to make it up to me after last month when I all ready had The Walking Dead and Outland.



hYdeks said:

Playstation Plus is a great service, but as a person who got a free month of it (with God of War Saga, btw) I can see ONE flaw to the service that alot of people like me would look at as alil bit...well...bad

See, basicly everyone is saying "wahoo! free games!" but no, if you read the fine print, the games are only free as long as you stay a member of Playstation Plus, but once your not, the game is there but you have to pay for it.

Me personally, this isn't a bad thing to get over a $100 of free gaming for about $4 a month, but if some people knew that you had to be a constant PS+ member to have and keep these games, maybe they wouldn't actually go for the service.

As for Double Dragon, I love Double Dragon, but this game doesn't look appealing, and I doubt this will be the game Double Dragon fans have been dieing to wait for.



Samholy said:


i was skeptical for PSplus...thoguht it was a ripoff. but actually, it got me tons of games to try, some that i wouldnt even have bought and ended up to be great games. for the mere 17 dollars for 3 months i had about 20 games.17 dollars is about 3 game rentals....

i dont even mention the fact that i bought final fantasy classics like FF7,FF8 , FF9 for much cheaper.

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