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WizOrb Smashes onto PlayStation Minis Next Week

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Beatshapers’ ace RPG infused Arkanoid clone WizOrb is set to smash its way onto the PlayStation Store next week. The title will be playable on PS3, PSP and Vita, though the studio is not sure whether the latter will be supported at launch. It seems Sony still hasn’t figured that out.

The block buster will set you back $3.99 in North America when it drops on 24th July. It’ll launch a day later in Europe for a pleasing €2.99. This definitely looks like one to watch.

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Squiggle55 said:

This looks like a game I will buy when it is Vita compatible. I'm trying to figure out what the deal is with compatibility. Does Sony need to do something, or the Studio of the game? Since they seem to be turning on and turning off Mini transfer compatibility on a whim, I think it all boils down to Sony simply flagging it to be allowed to transfer. Sony seriously needs to change something if they can't figure out getting new minis and PSP games compatible from day one. If it's really that much of a hassle for them to decide that these new games don't have any vulnerable code for hackers to exploit, then they need to just discourage people from making new minis and psp games because it's ridiculous. The new generation is out.



Squiggle55 said:

this is what the dev on the playstation blog said

"Let me explain “eventually” word – unfortunately, im still waiting for PS Vita compatibility from SCEA for day 1.
Our last minis, Canabalt took a bit more than month to be releases on Vita store but hey, better late than never.
Good thing that SCEE launch scheduled 25th of July confirmed playable on PS Vita."

SCEA is being very lame about mini and psp transfers, with absolutely no technical excuse for it.



CzarXander said:

@Squiggle55 I agree, unless they are making some sort of HD remake with touch controls, there is absolutely no reason to hold back with release of PSP games.



squirrelguys said:

am I the only one that notices that some textures look like they were based from Zelda Link to the Past? This game looks awesome nonetheless.



Slapshot said:

Really looking forward to this. I nearly bought this on PC the other day, but saw that is was coming to the Minis' service and decided better.

Thanks for getting this up Sammy!



get2sammyb said:

@Squiggle55 Unfortunately, SCEA's handled the Minis platform poorly from the beginning. From what I've heard, SCEE came up with the initiative, and that's perhaps why SCEA hasn't supported it to quite the same standard.

This really shouldn't be an issue though. When the game hits QA (or whatever), Sony should be testing it on PS3, PSP and Vita at the same time. It should be launching on all three platforms at once. If SCEE can manage it, I'm not quite sure why the American branch can't.



ThreadShadow said:

In NA, we're still waiting for the "Arkedo 3" minis. Heard a rumour SCEA didn't want Sanuke Games to release them seperately, wanted them bundled. I wrote to Sanuke and Arkedo, and confirmed the rumour. Sanuke said their programmers are busy, but when they get a chance they will bundle and try to release them again on NA PSN. I hope it happens soon. They are my top wanted minis. I don't know what's up with SCEA.

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