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Sony Not Ruling Out Super Slim PlayStation 3

Posted by Sammy Barker

Losing weight

All the way back in 2009, Sony announced the PlayStation 3 Slim at GamesCom in Germany. The rebranding effort helped to reverse the PS3’s fortunes, transforming the platform into the popular system we know today.

Three years on, Sony has refused to rule out the possibility of another hardware revision. Speaking with, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida revealed:

We haven't announced anything new on PS3 in terms of hardware revisions. We should never say never - hardware guys are always looking at ways to make things cheaper, smaller.

Yoshida continued that Sony is “quite happy” with the current PS3 hardware. Would you like to see the system get a refresh, or are you comfortable with the current design?


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@UnawareQuagsire It's ugly. The buttons are horrid and cheap feeling too. None of which is at all important, but much prefer the 60Gb design to those that followed.



odd69 said:

Well i guess a smaller ps3 would be cool. Less space is always great



ztpayne7 said:

I don't think I'd ever get rid of my original ps3 because of the backwards compatibility and extra USB ports. That being said, it is a bit heavy. Even though lighter and less space sounds good, you'd have to wonder what the trade offs would be.



DrCruse said:

It would be great if they could eventually create a PS3 Slim of the same size as the PS2 Slim.




@turtlelink Probably quite a bit given the afforementioned PS2.

I have a late model PS2 Slim (Cinnibar Red from PlayAsia) and it's quite a pretty little thing. Very quiet and no power pack either. So there's probably scope to slim the PS3 down further. I doubt Sony will though. They've established the new form factor and will probably concentrate on the refining of components going forward to lessen the cost of manufacture.



ComicBookGuy said:

While I miss my phatt 60GB with backward compatibility and 10 million USB ports, I certainly do not miss the sound of vacuum cleaners when I would play a game.
Also, after 2 of them died on me, I had to get a slim.
The slim never makes a NOISE and never gets overly hot... although I have experienced more system crashes with it compared to the phatt.
I would welcome a cheap £100 super slim, like the slim PS2, with open arms,



fchinaski said:

@seeafish Well, I have a 320GB slim model that I bought last year and, even though it IS a quiet enough system, it does make some noise. I don't know if it makes any difference, but specially when reading "heavy" games like Uncharted, God of War III and Final Fantasy XIII. Also, there is always a little hum in the background, but you have to be playing a really quiet game in a really quiet place to notice it. That being said, based on what I read I believe it is a lot quieter than the fat models, even though I never saw one "in action".



SilentJ said:

I had to get a slim when my phat died and yes, it is definitely quieter that the phat model. I'm extremely happy with the slim model but I do miss the backwards compatibility.



ThreadShadow said:

PlayStation: looked great.
PSone: smooth tiny llooked pretty good.
PlayStation 2: looked sleek and powerful minus the bulky "bottom layer"
PS2 (slim): pretty cool tiny sleeker version of the original (I bet they could make a new one as small as the PSone now.)
PlayStation 3: heavy, looks fairly good, but also like the George Foreman Grill-open that thing up and fry something!)
PS3 (slim): looks very strange, like an old Atari/Intellivision/ColecoVision system from the mid 80's.




The more I actually look at it the less objectionable it becomes- sure sign that I'm convincing myself to buy one!



ATDI said:

Just now remembering the George Foreman grill jokes from '06. Yeah, I've got a big fat PS3. I don't mind its size, though.



ThreadShadow said:

^ Yeah me too and I really don't mind the size either, I just wish it had all the slots and PS2 BC.

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