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Farming is Coming to Move with Rune Factory: Oceans

Posted by James Newton

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Marvelous Interactive's Rune Factory: Frontier for Wii is an off-shoot of the company's popular Harvest Moon franchise, and it's coming to PlayStation Move next year in the form of Rune Factory: Oceans.

Marvelous just released the first promotional video for the game showing off its revamped battle mode, with more combos and fierce-looking attacks than ever before. Whether or not you'll be swinging your Move around in these sections is currently unknown, but of course we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them.


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Slapshot said:

I'm right there with both of you guys. I've been playing the Harvest Moon series since the SNES days and getting a HD version of Rune Factory already has me stoked.



James said:

I love Rune Factory Frontier on Wii and all other HM games, pretty much, so this is way, way up there on my most wanted list. Let's just hope it gets picked up for localisation over here!



Tokool2007 said:




Stuffgamer1 said:

@James: I'm sure Natsume will handle it in America as usual, while Europe will probably get it an embarrassing year later courtesy of Rising Star Games. I figure the series is too popular to skip over in the West.

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