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Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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Aden and Sonja, two lifelong friends, live a tranquil life on Fenith Island until they're struck by a mysterious curse: they awaken to find both of their souls are now trapped in the same body!

On top of this unusual calamity, the Fenith Island they knew is gone, replaced by a strange island populated with unfamiliar faces. Only by exploring this new world will they be able to solve the mystery of this curse and save their beloved island.

During the course of their journey, Aden and Sonja will be aided by a colorful cast of characters, as well as take command of a towering golem, Ymir. Using their newfound giant friend, they'll cross vast seas, discover hidden islands and dungeons packed with riches, and battle fearsome monsters of the deep!

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Posted by Nathan Michalik

Making waves?

The newest edition of the Rune Factory saga finally makes it's début on the PlayStation 3. Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny starts the story off without much explanation or details; all you know is somehow two friends, Aden and Sonja, have become trapped...

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Runefactory said:

Im really sorry but RSG (rising star games) has just lost one of the best customers they could have all because they will not be releasing Runefactory tides of destiny for the wii. I am very dissapointed and disheartend ive been wating months ever so patiently and for what nothing i am sorry but I am really really uspet about this information.



James said:

@Runefactory I don't know if you still visit (it's two months since you commented) but wanted to respond to your comment anyway.

Sadly this time RSG wasn't able to bring Rune Factory over on Wii. Remember that RSG is part of a larger company and sometimes things just don't line up correctly or there are things out of its control.

I know I would have loved to get the Wii and PS3 versions too but it just wasn't to be, sadly.

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