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The First Wave of Move Titles Will be Cheaper to Entice You

Posted by James Newton

$39.99 for select titles

Worried that all this new technology is going to break the bank, and you won't have enough moolah left over to grab a few games? Fear not! Sony has confirmed that several Blu-Ray launch titles for North America will retail at a wallet-soothing $39.99.

Acclaimed athletic anthology Sports Champions, oddball family fun Start the Party! and suit-and-tie office furniture racer Kung Fu Rider will all cost $39.99, with 2011 titles Killzone 3 and SOCOM: Special Forces sitting nearer the familiar $59.99 mark.

As for Europe, the same titles have an RRP of £29.99 or €34.99, meaning good value all around. Whether it costs a fortune or a fiver, we'll have full and honest reviews of every Move-enabled title released for PlayStation 3, so there's no need to visit anywhere else for Move information.

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Roopa132 said:

Sounds great even though none of the mentioned titles are interesting to me so I hope more will be added. Sorcery for that price would be and instant buy but that won't happen for sure.
And @NESGamepro It's not like everyone wants Sports Champions so basically PSEye owners only have to pay the $50 for the Move.



Dazza said:

Sports Champs is a no-brainer, like Wii Sports I bet this is one of the best ways of showing off what the tech is capable of. I'm looking forward to checking this out soon.



Slapshot said:

One more week.

Oh i paid $40 for Eyepet as well which i get today to only stare at the box until next week



EdEN said:

Makes sense for the first couple of games to be cheaper... but what we need to know is how much content will there really be in those $39.99 games.



JamieO said:

I'm really pleased that these early Move games have an accessible price range. After I invest in the kit next week, I will gradually want to start building a collection of titles which actually take advantage of the tech. I know the games that I have my eye on for launch, but I may get a few of these cheaper titles later on.

I look forward to reading the Movemodo reviews for these three, particularly for Sports Champions.

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