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@Gremio108 Is it possible to make a good looking avatar? I watched some gameplays on YouTube and the a lot of faces looked kinda ugly, tbh.

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@WanderingBullet My wife managed it. But my guy looks like a cardboard cut-out that got run over by a lawnmover, so what do I know?

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@Gremio108 Haha, I think it might be easier to get away with it if your avatar's a male since you can cover the bottom half of the face with a thick beard. Hopefully Rockstar will add in more better character options when the online mode officially launches.

Huntin' monsters erryday.


The more I play this, the more I fell it suffers from the same disease I've detected in The Witcher 3: "whatsnextness". You can clearly recognize it asking yourself why are you playing it and the only answer you find is "just to see what's next" since all the rest is just mediocre...

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