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Hey everyone! I've been trying to get my hands on a vr for quite some time. The problem isn't availability - but more the cost. I was skeptical about psvr but played it at an arcade that's about 2 1/2 hours from my house and LOVED it.

I've been looking for other places to rent or try it again but nothing is in my area. In my searches I came across a Reddit post of someone who was renting out a psvr from a local ad/person and the idea intrigued me (they didn't say their location so I couldn't jump on that) I want your opinions.

What do you think of a service where you could rent psvr for a week? In the post, the guy was doing 40/day but I think something along 50/week would be much more reasonable. It would require an additional $300 deposit that would be refundable at the end as long as the unit is still in good shape. It would include the psvr unit and everything that comes with it (including camera and move controllers). It would even include vr specific retail games (I wouldn't need them when I don't have the unit). In the case I read, it would require the lender getting two forms of id, the deposit, and a signed short contract. The amount would also include set up and tear down as that would probably ensure that the unit is handled properly.

What do you think?

Would you be interested in renting out a psvr for a week? What do you think is a good price point if it included some games and move controllers and everything.

Any other thoughts? I know there is obviously a danger but I wouldn't be out very much money if I received $300 deposit and first week. I know that doesn't sound super easy on the renter, but they would be getting that $300 back after.

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As with anything like that just prepare for the worst, such as having the PSVR disappear or come back damaged and then the renter claiming it wasn't him that broke it. That sort of thing can keep you tied up in court for years.

Then you also have to keep in mind Sony. They could come after you for renting the thing out since that is technically against the agreement when you bought it. It would be under the same deal as buying a DVD and then renting it out to people for money. These companies get a portion of the money from rentals and if they don't get their share they can and probably will go after you.

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I think Sony, and other VR providers, should be pushing or funding this kind of service or experience to get people involved. You definitely need to try before you buy and you need a good few hours to get your 'VR' so the concept is sound. However, doing it yourself or something, like @Tasuki said, probably legal issues and risks around it. Also I think psvr is a little fragile. I get nervous putting it on the heads of friends!

As for @get2sammyb 's comment, wet wipes maybe?

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Thanks everyone for the feedback so far. I feel Sony has really dropped the ball with demo units and a lot of people can't see how amazing it is. I was thinking that I'm not going to get big enough for Sony to notice, but maybe that's something to pay more attention to.

And yes - that's a good point with cleaning. Whether wet wipes or otherwise. I would let some of my closest friends borrow it either way so it's something to keep in mind.

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@ztpayne7 In this day and age it doesn't take long for companies like Sony to notice something like that.

But with that said if you know and are willing to deal with the legal ramifications of something like this, then other then that it seems like a good idea.

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I personally wouldn't want to 'rent' or borrow a PSVR headset from a 'random' person. I know that I could and would need to clean it before putting it anywhere near my face.

I don't see VR though being 'that' different from a console or other Peripherals - like Kinect, Move, light guns etc. All these sell or not based more on having the right Software. Of course there are people who buy more on the promise and potential but for a lot, the software is most important.

Had PS4 launched with mostly 'tech demo' and budget quality games, it would still of sold because people will buy based on potential but I doubt it would have sold as well in the first 6months as it did. PSVR is not that different in that respect and requires more of an investment in the hardware.

1m units is still a 'good' start considering the sales of Oculus and Vive. Its not as impressive when the potential is 50m+ - I know Sony has sold 60m PS4's but I own 2 because of upgrading to Pro and wouldn't buy 2 headsets. I know I am not the only one either. Some of that is down to availability but we don't know if 2m or 20m people are trying to get hold of one. I bet though if we had more games like RE7 in quality, the demand for PSVR would be a lot more - regardless of whether people have tried it or not.

VR has incredible potential - not just in gaming of course but as that is the primary focus of PSVR and this site, that's where the interest is. It can transform a mediocre game into a 'good' experience and as RE7 shows, an extra level of intensity that a 2D screen can't.

I am not going to drop £500+ on all the hardware (Headset, Move and camera) and at least 1 game until there are a lot of games I really want. Being disabled means I am not able to play some games that may require 'standing' so looking at things like the Star Wars X-Wing 'demo', maybe the racing games as well as non-gaming experiences. I think it would be great if Sony did there E3, PSX etc in VR. Enabling people with VR headsets to attend their briefings, visit their booth, maybe even play some of their games as if you were at the show in a virtual sense. Just like sitting down at one of their consoles set up at a show and playing whatever games they are demoing. Not only Games and Game events, Sony could also host events, like concerts or sports events where you attend in VR. They sponsor the Champions League football so maybe you could watch the CL final from the perspective of the best seat at the ground in VR. Its things like that, along with gaming Software that will make me buy instantly...

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