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So, we are nearing the end of a generation. Clearly you notice it in publishers becoming more silent, saving their next projects for the new gen.

A question to the team: what do you notice page view, click and comment wise?

Is interest in current gen dwindling, are people hyped for the PS5 or don't these kind of articles generate a lot of interest. I was wondering how you as a crew, experience this 'phase' in the console cycle.



@Kidfried probably best for @get2sammyb to reply to this one, but from my perspective interest in Push Square is up Year on Year. Obviously, people are keen to know more about PS5 and things will be increasing on that side of things over the coming year. I think it is fair to say there is a lull in interest around PS4 in general, but there are some really big games coming before the end of the PS4 with things like Death Stranding etc. so that seems to be keeping the fire alight for now.

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There's no doubt we've seen a slight tail off in interest in the PS4 compared to, for example, the Nintendo Switch — but it's still very much driving a lot of interest. In terms of engagement we're obviously seeing best results on PS5 stuff, but games like Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Last of Us 2, Cyberpunk 2077, and Death Stranding get a lot of views. Also Days Gone continues to be a big source of interest for many people.

I think there's no doubt the generation is winding down now, but it's going to have a strong final year and that's good for us.


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