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  • E3 2018 Control PS4 Gameplay Shows a Strange Supernatural Shooter

    Taking back control

    Appearing on Sony's post-conference livestream, Remedy Entertainment showed off a little more of its new PS4 game, Control. We got to see a pretty cool trailer for the game during Sony's presser, but the above video contains a brief look at gameplay, and it's looking rather interesting indeed. You play as Jesse Faden who, on the...

  • E3 2018 Remedy Pulls Back the Curtain on Control

    Assuming direct control

    Despite Sony stressing they'd be bringing only four games with them to E3 this year, it was generally accepted there'd be something more on display, even if it was just small. Not only did Sony show off a plethora of trailers during what was sort of an intermission for the people there in-person, there were some pretty big...

  • News Quantum Break Developer Remedy to Reveal New Game at E3 2018

    Yes, it'll be on PS4

    Remedy, the developer of games like Max Payne and more recently Quantum Break, will officially reveal its next game at E3 2018 in a month and some change. The title – which is dubbed Project 7 and is being published by 505 Games – is set to deploy on the PlayStation 4, marking the Finnish firm’s first release on a Sony...

  • News OlliOlli Dev's New Game Laser League Wants to Be Your New Multiplayer Obsession on PS4

    Roll7 explains all

    Roll7's output so far has consisted of single player, pixel art games, and they're all great fun. The two OlliOlli games in particular are brilliant fun, while Not a Hero's quirky humour and simple shoot-outs make it a compelling curiosity as well. However, the small developer's next game, Laser League, is a big departure. It's a...

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    Review RAID: World War II

    Nein out of ten

    Men-on-a-mission movies set during World War II – such as Guns of the Navarone or Where Eagles Dare – that see a mismatched group of people embarking on near suicidal missions have long been inspiration for video games. RAID: World War II – a co-op multiplayer title in the vein of the Payday series – hopes to apply this...

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    Review Redout: Lightspeed Edition

    Fast and furious

    The anti-gravity racing genre may not be as popular as it once was, but that doesn’t mean developers aren’t still creating games for the genre. WipEout Omega Collection recently launched on the PlayStation 4, and while it was a fairly impressive collection, the fact that it focused squarely on the past held it back in some...

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    Review Last Day of June

    500 Days of June

    Games are often about how many people you can slaughter, and the efficiency with which you can do so. This makes death abstract – a means to an end. The more death you can cause, the more points you’ll get, and the more points you get, the more likely you are to win. Last Day of June isn't about death in the abstract. In...

  • News Promising PS4 Indie Last Day of June Launches the Last Day of August


    Ovosonico must not suffer with OCD, because it’s dated its promising PlayStation 4 indie title Last Day of June for release on the last day of August. The “emotional interactive journey” will drop on 31st August, with pre-orders opening today and boasting a 25 per cent discount for PlayStation Plus members. The title will cost £14.99 in...

  • News Inside and Limbo Double-Pack Bundling Two of PS4's Best Games

    Blobby blobby

    If you’ve never played Danish developer Playdead’s macabre puzzle platformers Limbo and Inside, then you simply need this retail double-pack in your life. The collection – being published by 505 Games – is set to release on 12th September in North America and 15th September in Europe, at a reasonable price point of $29.99 and...

  • E3 2017 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Gets Out Its Umbrella

    Drowning in blood

    Koji Igarashi’s anticipated Castlevania-esque adventure Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has gotten the trailer treatment ahead of E3 2017, showcasing a boss fight involving bodily fluids and umbrellas. It’s definitely coming together now this one, though we still find ourselves irritated by the way in which the main character...

  • News Last Day of June Is a PS4 Game of Love and Loss

    Murasaki Baby maker Ovosonico at the helm

    This sounds promising, doesn’t it? Murasaki Baby maker Ovosonico has announced its long-awaited next project: Last Day of June. The game – a puzzler about love and loss – has some big names attached to it, including musician and record producer Steven Wilson and Jess Cope of Frankenweenie fame. Much...

  • News Anti-Grav Racer Redout Weaves Its Way to PS4 in August

    How fast do you wanna go?

    You wait years for a good WipEout clone, and then several are scheduled to release the same year that the seminal series is making a comeback. Redout is one such anti-grav racer, and it’s set to suit up on the PlayStation 4 starting 29th August in North America and 31st August in Europe. It’ll be available...

  • News Quantum Break Dev's Next Game Confirmed for PS4

    To be published by 505 Games

    We already knew that Remedy had expanded its engine's support to the PlayStation 4, but now its next game has been confirmed for Sony's system. The Finnish developer – who's long been one of Microsoft's primary partners – is working on a title called Project 7, a cinematic third-person shooter set in "a new...

  • News Portal Knights Is Minecraft with More RPG, and You Can Try It For Free Right Now on PS4

    Step right in

    A colourful action role-playing game with crafting elements, Portal Knights promises to be a fun alternative to the likes of Minecraft on PlayStation 4. It's got all of the usual bells and whistles: co-op for up to four players, randomised worlds to explore, and dungeons full of loot, but it's the RPG side of things that interests us...

  • News Action RPG Portal Knights Builds a Home on PS4 Later This Year

    Block party

    An action role-playing game set in a sandbox world that features an open crafting system? Where have we heard that one before? Okay, so its not exactly the most original game coming to the PlayStation 4 this year, but Portal Knights is supposed to be good fun on PC, and its colourful announcement trailer has at least got us interested...

  • News The Already Gorgeous ABZU Now Has a PS4 Pro Patch

    Look and you'll sea

    As it stands, ABZU is an incredibly pretty game, but it just got even prettier for PS4 Pro owners. Turn your system on and you should be notified of a new update for the release which takes advantage of Sony's supercharged console. While details are scarce to say the least, the official patch notes mention "PlayStation 4 Pro...

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    Review Virginia

    Shoulda stayed home

    It always stings a little when you get your hopes up for a game and it disappoints you upon release. Sure, there are different tiers to this; for instance, it's hard to find a recent game that upset more people at launch than No Man's Sky. But often that initial letdown leads to hyperbole; there are titles that fall short of...

  • Hands On Trying to Solve a Mystery in Virginia

    That game you like is going to come back in style

    We recently spent some hands-on time with developer Variable State's upcoming game, Virginia. A first-person mystery title, Virginia sees players assume the role of FBI Agent Anne Tarver. As Tarver, the goal is to discover the whereabouts of a missing person: Lucas Fairfax. We had the chance to play...

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    Review Prominence Poker


    There was a point ten years ago when it felt like the popularity of poker had reached fever pitch. You couldn't turn on late night television without it appearing on more than one channel, and there always seemed to be some bloke down the pub who swore he'd made a serious chunk of change online. This rise in gambling websites left poker...

  • News Promising Supernatural Thriller Virginia Solves a Mystery on PS4 Next Month

    Lynch mob

    We're not going to lie to you: we hadn't heard of Virginia until today. But according to every article that we've read, the 505 Games published first-person thriller is one to watch – and it's coming to the PlayStation 4 starting 22nd September. As pointed out by the press release, the game's been inspired by genre-bending 90s shows like...

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    Review Assetto Corsa

    Ass-etto Corsa

    With Project CARS already in the wild and Gran Turismo Sport on the way later this year, as well as other realistic and excellent racers of their own kind in DiRT Rally and F1 2016 already out, there's plenty of variation and choice in the racing simulator market on the PlayStation 4 right now. But having garnered a hefty following...

  • Video Watch Us Ace Our Way Through Some Prominence Poker on PS4

    Card to beat

    Prominence Poker shuffled its way onto the PlayStation 4 this week, and we figured that we'd take a quick look at the free-to-play gambling sim. You can check out the archive from our livestream embedded above to see whether we were dealt a good hand – or if our chips were down.

  • News Free Multiplayer Poker RPG Coming to PS4 Next Week

    Deal with it

    Are you a shark short of a full house on your PlayStation 4? Well, you can bet on Prominence Poker finding a place in your daily gaming shuffle. Set in a gambling utopia, this free-to-play casino sim sees you create your own character and trick your way to the top of the tabletop elite. It's a high-stakes race to the top, as you work...

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    Review Adr1ft

    Space oddity

    In this reviewer's opinion, space disaster is one of the most interesting concepts in entertainment. You have the likes of Gravity, Apollo 18, and The Martian in film, Seveneves in literature, and Alien Isolation in games. Adr1ft, the debut game from developer Three One Zero, now joins the party following its PlayStation 4 release...

  • News Adr1ft Coming to PS4 This Month

    Gravity's a bitch

    Space survival sim Adr1ft is set to launch on PlayStation 4 on 15th July, according to creator Adam Orth. Although the game was designed with VR in mind – and, indeed, delayed from its original PC release to accommodate the launch of Oculus Rift – the PS4 version is yet to be confirmed for PlayStation VR when it launches in...

  • E3 2016 Indie Beauty ABZÛ Secures Release Date

    And it’s not far off

    While it didn't feature in Sony's killer E3 press conference, the gorgeous indie title, ABZU, from the art director of Journey, did release a trailer during the show. Aside from the unsurprisingly gorgeous visuals and music, the trailer brought with it something even greater: a launch date, and it's coming fairly soon - 2nd...

  • News Rocket League Races to Retail This Summer on PS4

    OMG! Nice shot!

    Remember a time before Rocket League? No, us neither. The addictive PlayStation 4 car-meets-soccer sim will take a shot at retail this summer, with 505 Games handling all of the headache-inducing distribution stuff. Imaginatively dubbed the Rocket League: Collector's Edition, the physical release will launch with the title's trio...

  • News ADR1FT Drags Out the Obligatory Clair de Lune Trailer

    A space odyssey

    It's a lovely piece of music, but Clair de Lune doesn't half get overused in this industry. ADR1FT, the space-faring sim by threeonezero, is the latest to use the heart-breaking piece, as it splices bits of gameplay with press quotes. This is for the Oculus Rift release, but it's worth remembering that the title – with, we assume,...

  • News Pixel Piracy Hops Aboard HMS PlayStation 4

    Ahoy, matey

    Quadro Delta and the team behind the 2D hit survival game Terraria recently announced the release of Pixel Piracy on the PlayStation 4 – and the boarding begins on 16th February. In the game, you control a pirate captain who recruits a bunch of savvy shipmates to help you on your adventures through the seas looting, pillaging, and...

  • News Adr1ft Lost in Space Until 2016

    Spaced out

    Remember intriguing space sim, Adr1ft? Well, you may want to forget about it for a few months. The intergalactic escapade was not only delayed until 2016 today, but there's currently no launch window for the PlayStation 4 version. The title will instead deploy day-and-date with the Oculus Rift headset, which means that you'll have to...

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    Review Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

    Cool story, bro

    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons released to much critical acclaim around two years ago. Celebrated for its unique control scheme and touching narrative, it was a hit, and fans to this day hold it in very high regard, among peers such as Journey and Ico. Fortunately for those of you who missed it the first time around, publisher 505...

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    Review Payday 2: Crimewave Edition

    The heist life

    As a law abiding citizen, committing robbery is probably the last thing on your mind. That said, somewhere inside your deepest thoughts – whether you'd admit it or not – you've probably pondered what it would be like to throw off the shackles of society's laws, and turn to a life crime. In Payday 2: Crimewave Edition for the...

  • News It's Okay to Cry, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Is Questing onto PS4

    Let's go bro

    Family-fuelled downloadable title Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is getting the re-release treatment on PlayStation 4 later this year, publisher 505 Games has revealed. The original PlayStation 3 version of the game launched back in 2013, to much critical acclaim. Following the story of - you guessed it - two brothers, the siblings...

  • News PS4 Space Sim ADR1FT's Leaked E3 Trailer Will Give You a Panic Attack

    Space jam

    It's every developer's worst nightmare: you're mere days away from E3, when your flashy new trailer gets leaked. Such is the case for California-based outfit threeonezero, whose video for PlayStation 4 space sim ADR1FT is now, erm, adrift. Instead of playing coy, though, the developer has cleverly decided to simply release the video into...

  • News Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Breaks into the PS4's Library 

    More skills, new skill system, twice as many characters

    Starbreeze Studios had a hard time putting out updates for Payday 2 on the PlayStation 3 – the hardware was a decade old, after all. But now the developer is finally getting around to releasing a PlayStation 4 version of the game, which will include more than a handful of new additions to the...

  • News Assetto Corsa Follows the Race Line to PS4 in 2016

    Vintage Vauxhalls need not apply

    Gran Turismo will find itself in good company should it ever arrive on the PlayStation 4, as acclaimed Italian outfit Kunos Simulazioni has confirmed that Assetto Corsa will be bringing its brand of exacting simulation racing to the PlayStation 4 in 2016. There's very little to say about the console port just yet,...

  • News Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons May Be Coming to PS4

    Next-gen feels

    Starbreeze Studios made grown men weep (don't deny it) with its exceptionally crafted Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons back on the PlayStation 3. Well, it seems that we'll be dabbing away at damp eyes once again (please, stop denying it) as the title has been rated by the German classification board for a release on the PlayStation 4...

  • News Overkill's The Walking Dead Shooter Lumbers onto PS4 in 2016

    Possessed Payday

    Despite its grisly premise, zombie franchise The Walking Dead has been the flavour of the month for many, many months now. That's a figure of speech, of course; we're hoping that no one has taken any actual culinary tips from the show's shuffling stars. At any rate, the undead hit has seen all manner of video game adaptations –...

  • News Starbreeze Studios Sells Off Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons to 505 Games

    A new chapter

    Ask anyone who has played Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and they'll tell you that it's a fascinating adventure that culminates with an emotional punch to the gut. Future sequels were hardly implied by this standalone indie title, however, but developer Starbreeze Studios has announced that it has handed the property over to publisher...

  • News Payday 2: Crimewave Edition May Say Heist to PS4 in April

    On the rob

    Re-releases are all the rage right now, but this one is so low-profile that we'd forgotten it was even happening in the first place. PSU reports that Best Buy has slapped a 21st April release date on Payday 2: Crimewave Edition, the PlayStation 4 update of Overkill Software's acclaimed robbery simulator. That's a Tuesday so could be...

  • News In PS4 Indie Adr1ft, No One Can Hear You Scream

    Space ace

    There are finite settings that can be used in games, and space is a good one. Forthcoming indie Adr1ft appears to have taken a few tips from a certain Sandra Bullock movie, as it sees you attempting to repair your damaged space vessel in the isolation of outer-space. The pretty PlayStation 4 title will set a course for the stars next...

  • News PS4 Edition of Sniper Elite III Puts a Bullet in the Console Competition

    On target

    Sony’s no stranger to winning console comparison contests these days – and the PlayStation 4 has once again put a bullet in its closest competitor, the Xbox One. The visual wizards over at Digital Foundry report that the Japanese giant’s next-gen console provides the best home for long-distance shooter Sniper Elite III – assuming...

  • News UK Sales Charts: PS4 Testicle Remover Sniper Elite III Tops


    505 Games’ morbidly graphic long-range shooter Sniper Elite III has enjoyed a second week at the top of the UK sales charts, putting a bullet in fellow next-gen rival Watch Dogs. Despite being available on last-gen systems as well, both games sold best on Sony’s latest machine, evidencing the commanding position that the Japanese giant...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Sniper Elite III Is Your Number One with a Bullet

    On target

    EA Sports UFC is going down, down in an earlier round, as Rebellion’s oddly satisfying Sniper Elite III has cocked its rifle and pulled the trigger on the UK charts. Despite launching on next-gen and last-gen systems, the release commanded 65 per cent of sales on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with Sony’s latest machine...

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    Review Sniper Elite III

    Boom headshot

    It’s ironic that so soon after the release of Valiant Hearts: The Great War, another title with a very different outlook on war has stealthily marched onto the PlayStation 4. In Sniper Elite III, rather than making you think about the needless loss of life, this latest instalment in the distance shooter series asks that you revel in...

  • E3 2014 Payday 2 Runs Away with Your Money on PS4

    Everybody put your hands up

    Overkill Studios’ popular co-operative stealing simulator Payday 2 is heading to the PlayStation 4, with the freshly adopted Crimewave Edition moniker. According to Eurogamer.net, it will come bundled with “enhanced features and a stash of new content”, though it’s not entirely clear what that will entail. We...

  • E3 2014 Journey's Art Director Is Bringing New Title ABZU to PS4

    Austin Wintory providing the music

    We hope you like whimsical indie games, because this year's E3 has been full of them. Doing its best to stand out from the crowd with an underwater focus and the inclusion of numerous strange and wonderful creatures, ABZU comes to the PlayStation 4 from the mind of Journey's art director. The brilliant PS3 title's...

  • News Terraria Is Building Its Way onto PS4 Later This Year

    Build your own port

    Enjoyable sidescrolling build-'em-up Terraria will be digging its way onto the PlayStation 4 later this year, publisher 505 Games has confirmed. Although details on next-gen features are scarce, the game will be on show at E3 next week. Hopefully, the 2-D title will support some sort of cross-buy, much like the PS4 edition of...

  • News Gaming's Greatest Antagonist Returns in Sniper Elite 3 on PS4

    Steady your nerve

    Did you already kill legendary historical figure Hitler in Sniper Elite V2? Forget about that, because developer Rebellion’s giving you the opportunity to do it all over again – this time in the sunbaked setting of Africa. Those that pre-order the upcoming Sniper Elite III on either the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 will...

  • News Sniper Elite 3 Will Allow You to Rearrange Circulatory Systems on PS4

    Emergency surgery

    For as unashamedly goofy as it may be, there’s something entertaining about the Sniper Elite series’ ostentatious X-ray killcams. The previous entry in the long-range escapade allowed you to observe in intricate detail the damage that your bullets inflicted on your adversaries – and unsurprisingly, the upcoming Sniper Elite 3...