On paper, AWAY: The Survival Series sounds like a really interesting experience. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has died out and only pockets of life remain. You get to play as an adorable young sugar glider who is trying to survive in a dangerous and hostile environment with his family. It all sounds like it’d be a fun and exciting adventure, but the reality just leaves behind a sour taste.

A David Attenborough-style narrator will gently guide you by describing the world around you. It’s an interesting way to teach you about the threats you’ll encounter and at times it does feel like you're in a BBC nature documentary. The problem is that the narrator often talks over himself making it almost impossible to tell what he’s on about.

With sugar gliders being quite agile creatures, you’d expect exploring to be quite fun, but you’d be wrong. With a camera that follows a little too close behind you and clumsy controls this little marsupial is all too easy to glide straight into a thorny bush or to a watery grave. Trying to fight against predators is also a painful experience as it just feels like you're mashing away at buttons rather than using any skill.

The story mode will be wrapped up within five hours but there is an exploration mode if you haven’t quite had your fill of bugs. Here you’ll be able to take control of other creatures and, as the title suggests, explore. There are short video logs dotted around the place if you want to try to find out more about what happened to the world. Although, once you realise that the other creatures are even harder to control than the sugar glider, and have encountered your fair share of crashes, you’ll probably decide that you don’t actually care that much about the reasons for humanity’s demise.