Company of Heroes 3 is out today on PC, with us console-bound players having to wait a little longer to get our paws on it, with a PS5 launch coming later in 2023. In a fresh trailer, we got our best look yet at the new tactical pause feature.

Tactical pause will allow players to play at their own pace, stopping time and allowing the queueing up of commands. Company of Heroes is known for its intense RTS gameplay, where the tides of battle can quickly turn against you, so it's nice to know that at least in single-player, we will be able to slow down the action when things get too hectic.

Featuring four major factions (US Forces, Whermacht, Deutsches Afrikacorps, British Forces), as well as 12 international Battle Groups (such as India and Italy), there will be plenty of new mechanics to learn, even for seasoned veterans of the franchise.

Are you excited by the prospect of Company of Heroes 3 on PS5? Have you played any of the previous games in the trilogy? Deploy for combat in the comments section below.