The Deutsches Afrikakorps have been revealed to be the next playable faction in the upcoming WW2 strategy game Company of Heroes 3, which storms the beaches on PS5 in 2023.

Mobile, mechanized and elite, the Deutsches Afrikakorps are all about speed and aggression and will likely appeal to players who favour a rush style of gameplay. Able to support and reinforce infantry squads with Half-tracks and deploy dreaded heavy armour such as the Tiger, the Deutsches Afrikakorp will also be able to call on allied Italian units like the elite Bersaglieri infantry, and the lightning fast Carro Light Tank.

Previously, we saw the British Forces in action, supported by the vast might of the Commonwealth. Are you looking forward to Company of Heroes 3? How do you think this type of game will hold up on a controller? Let us know in the comments section below.