In a strange but welcome surprise, SEGA recently announced that its excellent WW2 real-time strategy franchise, Company of Heroes, would be coming to console for the first time with the advent of Company of Heroes 3. Today we got a look at the plucky British Forces, who fight with the aid of their Commonwealth allies.

One of four factions available from launch, the British Forces are (appropriately enough) incredibly obstinate on the defence, featuring all kinds of units and abilities that will allow them to weather the storm, such as being able to "dig in" artillery pieces and anti-tank guns. Once the enemy is left reeling, they can counterattack with powerful infantry such as Royal Guards, Gurkas and Commandos.

Company of Heroes is currently listed for launch on PS5 sometime in 2023 and will feature UI and controls completely redesigned for console. Will you answer the call when the time comes? Sign up in the comments section below.