Xbox / PlayStation
Image: Reuters

Here we go, then. It's been roughly a year since Microsoft announced its intention to acquire Activision Blizzard for a huge $69 billion. In terms of major industry news, it doesn't get much bigger than that, and the result is a story that's lasted a full 12 months. The saga isn't likely to end any time soon, either; the Federal Trade Commission filed a legal complaint about the proposed deal, blocking it from going through and forcing a court hearing later this year. Fast forward to now, and Microsoft's preparations include making sure Sony attends.

The company has subpoenaed Sony — essentially a legal order to attend court — meaning the platform holder will need to prepare to provide its own data during the hearing. This was issued on 17th January, and Sony has requested an extension until 27th January in order to prepare its response.

Microsoft has until 7th April to build its defence and gather information to support the deal. Part of that defence seemingly revolves around Sony and its production capabilities, although the extent of what the company has to disclose is still in negotiations.

The hearing at the FTC is scheduled to take place on 2nd August, where Microsoft will, in a nutshell, need to convince the government body that the deal will not be harmful to the industry and its competitors. Sony has been publicly against the acquisition for fairly obvious reasons, so it'll be reluctant to issue too many details for fear of supporting Microsoft's case.

It's all going to heat up as we reach the summer, but this whole thing is far from over.